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jeffkaiser1989 11-13-2013 02:47 AM

Did i do the right thing?
So last night me and my wife went walking up to the gas station to get a pack of smokes i was open carrying my sig. We get down to the store with no issues and head back as we are walking up the driveway to the apartment buildings i notice a couple of people hanging out in the courtyard next to our building i will post pics of where when i have the ability to take them. Anyway we decide to goto the back door to get inside the building and enter the complex. As we walk in i see one guy enter the door at the other end of the stairs and i hear the door behind us open i tell her to run inside our apartment and lock the door and call 911.

As i am cornered here i place my hand a few inchs above my firearm on my hip and tell these guys to back off and leave we have called the cops who will be here shortly. I forgot to mention we at the top of the stairs with one person behind me at the base and one person in front of me. I didnt want to enter my apartment as there wasnt enough time to get in and lock the door before they could bum rush me and get inside. When the guys dont move i place my hand on my gun and click the safety off and i tell them again to leave i glance out the corner of my eye to the guy behind me and stare down the guy in front of me by now we can hear the sirens. The guy behind me blots out the back door the guy in front still isnt moving. I dont remember the conversations that took place between us i remember i was scared for my wifes life, my stepson's life and my own. He ended up backing away down the stairs and bolted out the door.

Did i do the right thing? Should i have just drawn and fired? Should i have just bolted into my apartment with my wife? The cops took my statement and my description of the guys and left saying if we needed them again to call and they would make a note of our address and what happened. I keep thinking i should have done something differently but at the time i was more concerned with protecting my wife and step son.

hmh 11-13-2013 02:53 AM

As long as you kept a reactionary distance it sounds like you did fine. No one was killed you called the cops your family was safe.

towboater 11-13-2013 03:04 AM

Ya did good.

duddie10 11-13-2013 03:04 AM

I just took a self defence class and my best friend now is distance. Sounds like u had a decent control of the situation. No one died and ur families safe. Another example of a bad situation defused with a firearm.

Rick1967 11-13-2013 04:12 AM

Sounds like you did pretty well to me. A staircase is not the place to get into a fight. Glad you didn't have to shoot anyone. But good that you had your gun in case you would have needed it.

JeeperSC 11-13-2013 04:17 AM

I think you did the right thing; not sure I would have done anything differently. I'm glad you didn't go inside your apartment because then they would know exactly where you live.

WebleyFosbery38 11-13-2013 10:28 AM

I think you did well Jeff, not shooting if you dont need to is easier than living with the shooting when you question before hand if its necessary. Sounds to me like they caught your drift and likely drifted off to somewhere that they felt safer! If this is normal where you live, it might be time to look elsewhere for a safer location! If it isnt normal, your probably OK. Glad to hear it turned out well!

AR10 11-13-2013 10:39 AM

Your neighborhood after dark seems like a better place to shop for convenience store items might be at 2pm rather than 2am.

Getting out of a jam is not ideal, staying out of a jam is always superior.

Open carry. Of the items on your person, a bad guy might be interested in, do you suppose a gun would be of interest to them?

Your money, do you keep hundred dollar bills out in the open, hanging from your belt, like a stripper has money hanging from a g string? Of course you don't, that would be tipping your hand to the bad element of your private business.

Your gun is how much more valuable than a $100 bill? Four, five, six times more valuable? More?

What are the possibilities, the likelihood, your sidearm did not protect you from attack, as much as triggered your attack?

The bad guys now know where you live, and can watch you come and go. Your next trip to work, where they know you do not open carry, could see your apartment attacked as they once again try to score a handgun theft, along with whatever else they can find that looks interesting to them.

When you play card games, do you show your hand to other players? You do in your personal life.

Concealed carry, while not pushing the rights of our second amendment, as if to say, I am owed this freedom, does afford a much greater level of privacy.

My advice, what it is worth, take all targets off your back. The world is looking for targets.

Find an NRA Refuse to be a Victim class in your area, and both of you take it.

They also offer Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside The Home, and Personal Protection Outside The Home.

With classes like those under your belt, your wife and yourself will better understand the mindset of the criminal element and you can better protect yourselves.

GTX63 11-13-2013 10:58 AM

I wouldn't have a good feeling after that. You have no ID on these guys, they just disappeared into the dark. If you were a random target before, you may still be in their sights after this. I would not want to have my family living in a place where I always had to look over my shoulder. Me thinks it is time to relocate.

eatmydust 11-13-2013 11:04 AM

It sounds like you did the correct thing.

I would seriously consider moving to a different part of town, or even better, out of town all together. It doesn't sound like the area is going to be safe going forward.

Don't just consider your safety, or your family's safety with you around, what if you had not been there for your wife?

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