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Considering .45 caliber carry instead of 9mm

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If the CW9 at just under 16 oz. is sometimes too heavy, I don't think you'll find a .45 easier to carry & being uncomfortable sometimes leads to not carrying at all.

How you carry & the belt/holster you use can be part of that problem, especially the belt which can distribute the weight so it is not as noticible.
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The .45acp is a proven man stopper.
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Something to consider for concealment; Adjust your wardrobe.

Anything can be concealed, so long as you are not a slave to fashion. I've been carrying over 40 years, with outside the pants holsters. The guns I've carried that way vary from small "J" frame revolvers to full size semi-auto service guns. In cool weather it isn't a problem to throw on a jacket and you're covered (pun intended).

For summer time carry, I have a bunch of light weight shirts one size too big, untucked, over which I conceal the above mentioned full size pistols. I find that Hawaiian shirts work well, because of the patterns having a camouflage effect and most of them are designed to be worn un-tucked. For every day around town during summer months I usually can be found wearing cargo pants and t shirt, with my "J" frame .38+P in my pants pocket using a pocket holster.

Being old school, I'm a fan of .40 & .45 caliber pistols with expensive self defense ammo that is widely available. With the advances made in ammo during the last decade, a 9mm isn't your grand-father's caliber any more. If you are confident with it and carry modern self defense ammo, you should be good to go. Some folks may suggest that you carry what they carry and if you don't, there is something wrong with you. Don't buy into that! And that's from someone who at one time was vehemently anti-9mm.
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There are mountains of "scientific" data which shows NO measurable difference in stopping power amongst the major semi auto calibers of 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

There is also mountains of street and battlezone experiences where folks who have actually had to use these calibers, strongly disagree and won't rely on any pistol caliber that does not start with a number 4.

I have my opinion but we all know what they say about those...

As already stated, a hit with a .22 LR trumps a miss with a .50 BMG so test fire some compact Polly .45's and see what you think.

Given your current CCW and issues with it's weight, I'd suggest trying the new XDs sub compact. It should be smaller and about the same weight as your Kahr but off a "flush mag" capacity of 5+1 and I believe 7 round extended mags are available.

I own and love a 4" Kimber Eclipse Pro II but if you CW 9 is "sometimes" to heavy, that Kimber will have you walking in circles.

I posted a thread that's relevant to your question a few months ago. If your interested use the search function for "Ideal dimensions for a CCW handgun".

Good luck


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Try a G30 or a G36 which is a slim frame single stack .45
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If you have to have a 45 why not buy another kahr sense you allready like the pistol and know how it feels in the hand. The cw to the tp would do but will weight a bit more. You will not find lighter. Maybe you just need a different holster for a better carry. What do you use now?? I carry the cw9 or a cm9 and never feel under gunned or calibered. I do bet going from a lite pistol to a 30oz+ large pistol will be a problem to cc if you have trouble now.
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I carry a Dan Wesson CCO. I was initially a bit worried about how it would handle. I already owned a SA XD40SC. While by no means unbearable, it was a bit of a handful. It took a fair bit of practice to stay proficient.
After that, the CCO was a pleasant surprise. While the recoil was a bit sharper than a full sized steel 1911, it was by no means unpleasant. I find it easy to shoot accurately and it conceals easily. So easily, I honestly can't see ever wanting any smaller 1911s. There are a lot of choices in small .45s, take a few for a test drive and see what works for you.

That said, don't get get overly wrapped up in the "Stopping power" thing. I carry a .38 snubbie sometimes too. Having something you can shoot well and are willing to carry consistently is more important than that last foot pound of theoretical performance. YMMV.
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I was never happy with any caliber, always wanting the best. 18 years ago I started out with 9mm, then bought into the .40 craze. Reloading and never being satisfied led me to the .357 sig (still one of my favorites). I then went big bore with a G30 for CC. Finally I ended up where I started out, the good old 9mm.
Why does the 9 work for me? Lower recoil allows for me to shoot more accurately with faster follow up shots. Modern hollow points make caliber differences even more negligible (I carry Double Tap 115 solid copper). Reloads and factory ammo are far less than other calibers so I train a lot more. I have an H&K P7 and I carry it often and it is 9mm.
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