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jjones45 08-05-2013 04:47 PM

Confidence when carrying full-size .45
Is it just me or is there something reassuring about carrying a full-size .45 caliber pistol? I carry 40's and 9's and on occasion a .357 mag but 45's just make me feel good. I feel no worries at all with this caliber.

purehavoc 08-05-2013 05:09 PM

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Its a good solid hitting round, not too much over penetration , recoil is mild " more like a 9mm " and HPs expand like no other . I have the XDS and Im comfortable with 6 rds , If I need anything more than that, I probably shouldnt be carrying anyway.

trip286 08-05-2013 06:26 PM

I carry a full size .45....
I don't get a warm and fuzzy from the caliber. I carried a .22 as a teen, and was plenty confident (wilderness carry, not public). I carried a .357 mag for a bit...that was cool.
Carried a M9 in Iraq and Afghanistan, never felt under gunned (could be due to the machine gun as my primary?)

I don't know. I just don't see the caliber making a difference in my confidence.

I'm one of the ones who doesn't really make any kind of a stink over caliber. I will say, I think a self defense handgun should be at LEAST a .32 caliber IF POSSIBLE.

Chainfire 08-05-2013 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by jjones45 (Post 1326904)
Is it just me or is there something reassuring about carrying a full-size .45 caliber pistol? I carry 40's and 9's and on occasion a .357 mag but 45's just make me feel good. I feel no worries at all with this caliber.

There is confident and there is proficient and efficient. A .45 is efficient in the hands of a proficient person.

Confidence when combined with proficiency and efficiency is a good thing. One way to be confident, proficient and efficient, is to always practice with and carry the same gun.

A carry weapon is not a fashion accessory to be changed to match your sports coat. In the split second you may have in an emergency, your muscle memory needs to know what you are carrying, where it is, how it is oriented, what condition it is in, and what the controls are, so that you can bring your piece to bare without having to think of the mechanics.

jjones45 08-05-2013 11:45 PM

Yeah i'm just realizing that .45acp is my favorite caliber and i'm pretty dang on accurate with it in a full size gun, more so than 40's and 9's. I really just don't like the tiny new guns that they make these days. I held an xds 9 the other day and while it was cool it just felt so dang on small in my hands.

purehavoc 08-06-2013 01:52 AM

Played around with the chronograph, 3 different barrel lengths and several different .45 acp rounds tonight .
Full sized 1911shooting pmc fmjs, 3 shot average was 794.84 ,
Kahr P45 3.5" barrel pmc fmj average 745.96 ,
XDS .45 3.3" barrel pmc fmj average 736.4 . These were pretty accurate with no more than 5 fps difference in the whole string
I just used the kahr to produce numbers with different ammo
CCI blazer .fmj average 765.83 These were the hottest of them all however the numbers were up to 15 fps difference in the string
Aguilia fmj 705.93 . These were the most accurate and the closest 3 shot numbers with the numbers no more than 4 fps difference in the string
Ran the kriss vector .45 acp rifle thru the chrono , average using PMC FMJs was 935.5 average through the string .
Also got to shoot a .357sig through the chrono and WOW was it fast . The average of the string was 1487.2 fps . Recoil was mild unlike a .40 cal which was what I expected . We ran out of daylight and the chrono doesnt like low light so maybe a few more next time
I really expect a loss of more them 50 fps between the 5" barrel and the 3.3" barrel

Jstrong 08-06-2013 02:20 AM

I love me some 1911,and my carry gun G30sf. So I'm a disciple of the .45. I feel most at ease with 11 of them on my side.

I do have a sig Sauar p938 for more deep concealment carry (no printing whatsoever),and even though its vastly different than my regular carry. It serves that purpose better than any other striker fired gun for carry I've come across. In the heat of the moment I may botch something (even though I practice drawing with both guns) But hey,at least I didn't break the first rule of gun safety... Bring a gun!

So like I said while the .45 gives me warm and fuzzys It's not like I'm not confident with that little sig 9mm.

TekGreg 08-06-2013 02:39 AM

I'm most comfortable with the platform I hit with most accurately. A caliber doesn't make me feel any particular way; proficiency and not accidentally hitting a bystander makes me feel wonderful! This has changed caliber over the years, but I have never chose to carry a caliber With which I'm not currently the most accurate. :)

DrFootball 08-06-2013 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by jjones45
Is it just me or is there something reassuring about carrying a full-size .45 caliber pistol? I carry 40's and 9's and on occasion a .357 mag but 45's just make me feel good. I feel no worries at all with this caliber.

The other day, were getting ready for a walk around the development with the "All wheel drive Bulldog" and wife says: " your taking a GUN to walk the dog???" " it's not like I'm throwing a shotgun over my shoulder!" " don't you think the Dog is Protection enough?" " and who protects us if he's hurt or killed (G-D forbid)" my commercial for federal Guard Dog ammo should go......" Guard Dog Self Defense Ammo, for when you can't fit the real dog in your pocket" or something to that effect......

DrumJunkie 08-06-2013 07:53 AM

It's about what you shoot best. It really does not matter all that much when it comes to any caliber. Modern ammo is pretty good at doing what you get it for.
I carry a 45 mist because I seem to shoot them better over all when it comes to being in a hurry. But I don't ever feel under gunned even with a pocket carry 9mm. But if I was to only have one pistol it would be a full size 1911. I shoot them pretty well and I'm comfortable carrying them in most situations. It's more about my being too lazy to dress to hide a gov framed 1911 more than anything when I carry anything else. I can toss my little Sig on my pocket and go to the store and be OK with it.

So, whatever you shoot best (in a hurry) is what you should have to defend yourself. Because more often than not it's going to be you're in a hurry to keep your bacon form being fried. Use good ammo and you wonty have any trouble making it work. You do your part the ammo will do it's part.

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