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Concealed or Open Carry and when

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I dont see any advantage to advertising. I fully support and encourage open carry. Makes me less of a focus if im around oc'ers. I dont like standing out and making a spectacle of myself.

I do like oc as it lets me not worry about my shirt riding up or a gun showing now and then. It also lets me carry larger guns as there is no real need to conceal most times.
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Virginia is an open carry state. I do have my CCP. I only open carry around the house topically. I do OC to stores and such but I mostly CC. In a big crowd you don't want people know you have a gun.
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Mall ninjas. Lol. Greatest description of what it looks like to most observers I have ever read. Congratulations for hitting the nail on the head.

Open carry is a tool. Concealed carry is a tool. One is Harbor Freight and the other is Snap On.

One is a happy meal in the drive thru, other is breakfast in bed at a five star hotel. Both provide calories, one has a better view out the window.

Display is what we are talking about. In nature, display tactics always means two things: mating ritual, or to influence a possible soon to be fight. As I wish to neither influence a fight in Wal-Mart, or find a romantic hook up in the hardware isle, why walk into Wal-Mart with the" look at me" neon sign flashing?

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I respect everyone's personal decision to either OC or CC but I do agree that OC draws unnecessary attention and if SHTF, it makes you the primary target. Therefore, unless I'm hunting, I choose and recommend CC.
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The only situation I open carry is when it's basically the norm to do so and usually when I'm either in or just outside some whistle-stop town at the edge of nowhere. In city limits, even if its legal, no way. I prefer not to advertise in front of that many people not used to seeing it. I generally don't care what others do, even if they're consciously trying to get some shock value by OC. Not a fan of that tactic, but it is a free country....more or less.

Just my completely solicited opinion.
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I live in a very small town, and most of the people here know me. I can OC here with no problems. But when I go Krogering in the nearest big town I CC. I like being sneeky that way.
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Originally Posted by rickster View Post
I respect everyone's personal decision to either OC or CC but I do agree that OC draws unnecessary attention and if SHTF, it makes you the primary target. Therefore, unless I'm hunting, I choose and recommend CC.
It can draw attention in the wrong places at the wrong times, like that idiot I read about it in news who tried to OC TWO damn handguns and a rifle into a movie theater right after the Aurora Colorado shooting. Imbecile. Complete imbecile.

But as far as it making you a target, that's a damn myth I'm doing my dead level best to **** all over.
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I also am from Virginia and I normally conceal carry but occasionally open carry. I ran into a co-worker at Walmart one day and I was open carrying and she was like why are you carrying that and I said its much lighter than carrying a police officer around with me. I also explained that from the time I walked in the store, someone has been monitoring my every movement throughout the store which also makes me feel safe because if I slipped and fell it should be on surveillance camera and I can use that in my law suit.
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But as far as it making you a target, that's a damn myth I'm doing my dead level best to **** all over.
In your opinion.
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Originally Posted by trip286 View Post
My biggest Bitch and complaint on the matter, is that I would wish people to stop spreading myths about it, and if they don't want to do it themselves, fine, but respect other people's right to do it.

It's become very similar to religious arguments for me. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone just got along and stopped Pissing on other people's chosen method?

Oh, I'm not pointing fingers in this thread. It's remained remarkably civil. But if any of you have seen my other posts on the matter... I could really care less what carry method anyone chooses...just don't JUDGE others, calling them attention hounds, glory whores, macho wannabes, or imply that they're compensating for lacking in the manhood department. Because, they might just be a single Dad making barely over minimum wage with other, more pressing concerns than buying their way into the CC club, but yet, are still concerned with being equipped to protect themselves and their child.

There are those in the OC community that just don't like the idea of needing to ask permission form the government to have their rights. Pricing a carry lic out of the reach of an average citizen is an example of placing intentional limits on the 2A....At least some might say.
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