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gruntmarine1775 09-23-2011 05:36 PM

Concealed Carrying an FNP-45
I am thinking about picking one of these up and making it my primary carry weapon. It seems bulky, but I honestly don't think it is any bigger than some Glocks, and people carry those fine, and it sure weighs less than a full size 1911. My question is, those of you who do carry an FNP-45, where do you wear it, and who makes your holster?

Werminator 09-25-2011 02:43 AM

My understanding is that the FNP-45 weighs in around 33 ounces and is only available with a barrel in excess of 5inches long. I am not nearly big enough to conceal a weapon of this friggin size. I fondled a couple of these pistols as well as the FNP-40 and there is a huge difference in size and weight between the two. I would never carry either of them though as they would be somewhat difficult to conceal. I am looking at the Ruger LC9 pretty seriously as it is about as thin, light, and compact as any 9mm pistol I have ever seen and it would not inconvenience me to carry it all the time. I did handle a couple Kahr CW series pistols and they had a great feel and VERY slim profile. I am weighing the possibility of the CW40 to give myself a little more potent line of defense...

michigan0626 09-25-2011 07:00 AM

Barrel length is only 4.5". You are referring to the FNP-45 Tactical which has a 5.3" threaded barrel.

FN's website says the width is 1.58", I think this is the thumb safety widths. The grips on a G21 is 1.34". I believe the 1911 is 1.2-1.25" thick in the grips, but the frame/slide is probably atleast a quarter inch thinner than the FNP and G21.

gruntmarine1775 09-25-2011 08:34 AM

I played around with one at the store the other day, and it does seem bulky, but with the right holster, I would think it would be ok. It might not be as thin as a 1911, but with 15 +1 45, it would almost be worth it to give it a try; I mean, that is alot of hurt coming down range when it would be needed. I normally carry a full frame springfeild with two extra 8 round mags, and with the fnp45 I really would only have to carry the gun itself, with one spare mag as a peace of mind option.

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