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CC weapon cleaning - don't put it off!

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I thoroughly strip and clean all of my firearms every time I shoot them, no matter how many rounds go through them. I want to know that they will always function well. I keep my handguns in zippered soft cases when they are not being used. I am careful about wiping off finger prints and other smears. In addition to maintaining them well for functionality I like them looking nice.

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Update: Kimber 1911 shoots every shot even tho' dirty.
I've ECD'd my Kimber 1911 for about 2 months without firing (I know, but it's been wet, and cold and I've been busy).

After reloading with a friend, we stepped out back for some pressure testing

That dirty, filthy, lint filled, grass packed thing fired, just like I expected it to.

Good news is that it blew some wood chips and alfalfa, clean out of it. Good to go for another couple of months.

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Default CC weapon cleaning - don't put it off!

I wipe my carry guns down once a week, field strip and clean once a month! Just a habit I've gotten into! 2 reasons, one is to obviously keep them clean and oiled, but it's also important for me to make sure there is no abnormal wear or rust forming. Sort of like my vehicles, once a month, I lift the hood just to see if all is well. Knock on wood, vehicles and guns has served me well over the years with very little concerns.

Like guns, love people!!

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Took a three day defensive pistol class recently. Could not believe out of I think 12 or 13 people in the class, there were at least two that had never disassembled much less lubed their gun. And they expect them to work if the SHTF? I wonder if stores and gunsmiths started offering a maintenance plan when they do a sale or transfer, like car dealerships, if there would be a a market? There certainly would be a profit with the neglect just from that class extrapolated.
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Default Excessive Cleaning

I clean my guns once a year whether they need it or not. Glocks get the feed ramp wiped off every few months and about 3 drops of oil at the beginning of each shooting season. My cc's get lubed and the chamber wiped out when I start carrying them and then after I shoot them, which doesn't happen very often. They work - I'm happy.
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Dryer sheets. Wipe down the gun. Clean, and wipe out the pocket with

the dryer sheet.

Cuts down on static cling.
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Default CC weapon cleaning - don't put it off!

I also rotate two carry guns, An LC9 that is just about 2 yrs. Old, and an older S&W 439 custom by ASP systems that I have had since 1980 that was a "First deployment" present from My Dad. I never carry in a pocket without a pocket holster. I sometimes use nylon or leather Knife pouches as single mag carriers if I'm not using a belt rig, even wearing a concealment vest or jacket. Until a few months ago I almost never carried in my house, but since we have had an attempted "Push in" style robbery here, plus a few other incidents in our development, I now Carry from the moment I wake until I get ready for bed. I'm waiting for a Charter Pitbull to come in, and that will be EDC#3. I also don't "Hide guns" around the house, but do have an Alternative second secure safe, and I am planning on a "Hide out" set up near my front door...

Edit:5/1: and I clean and relube every 14 Days no mater what, and after every Range session.

Edit: 5/18: in the Warmer months(Mid May-Mid October here) I clean a little more then usual. Currently since we are prepping for Rimfire Steel Shoots( the both of us) were working with the 22's more, so they get extra cleaned and lubed,..but we don't neglect our EDC's either. If you need to use a brush or other implement,. Tread carefully. I saw a friend damage the inside of his barrel like he was cleaning it with an engraver. Don't be cheap with cleaning patches....

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