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Is carrying concealed extra mags worth it?

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Originally Posted by KG7IL
My last encounter required more ammo than I had on hand.

This is why I try to carry an extra mag or two or even four.

But for this encounter, I should have ALSO been carrying a shotgun with plenty of Ammo.

So.. let me relate the story of my last encounter. I was walking the back side of the property with my son and our two dog's.
The dirt road borders the thick brush, old stumps and evergreen trees. I kept walking with my son and one of the dog's, trying to get the attention of my second dog, who ran into the thicket and started to bark. As his barking increased, he completely ignored my calls.

I decided to find out what he was barking at, just what was grabbing his complete attention.

My son and I went in to find the dog running around a stump/fallen log. I looked under from my side and saw nothing. Handing my son the flashlight, he shone it in on his side, then jumped back. We found a den of racoons, the very racoons that have benn killing my birds each evening.

I think that there were six of them.

I spotted the closest one with the Laser and fired. the other's began to dash. Between watching the dog's for safety, manuvering my son to flush the coons, I went through a magazine. It appeared that one escaped, a couple required two shot's to stop them. Two of them headed for a tree.
I was not going to fire the .45 into the air. I needed the shotgun.

I had to run back for the shotgun.

My son and the dog's kept the coon's treed. My first shot dropped the highest coon to our feet. It ran with another shotgun shell up his little ring tail. The second tried to escape as well and probably made it without getting nailed.

If I had additional magazines, I might have dropped them all. I suppose if they had all stood still and let me pop them one at a time, 7 shots would have been enough

The point of this story is that Personal Defense, Home Defense and Movie Re-creations are not the only reason I carry. And this is why I always try to have spare mag(s) close. They go fast. Heck, I peppered a mole hole with 4 shots in just a blink of a mole's eye, what would I have done if another one had appeared on the scene.
I live in Detroit. I doubt I will come across some that many raccoons, but your advice is sound. Personal defense should not be the only reason you carry. Thank you!!!!!
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If you can conceal the gun, you can conceal a spare mag. Carry a spare mag because of the unknown. You may need the rounds. You may draw and drop the mag that was in the gun (it happens). You may want to do a Tac reload after the shooting. You may have a malfunction that causes you to rip out the mag. There really is no reason not to carry a reload........and a bunch of reasons to carry a reload.
There is in life perhaps one fleeting moment when the courage, dedication and resolve of one man gambling against all odds will alter the destiny of nations.
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I carry 2 hollow point (Speer gold) of 9mm and one mag of fmj
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In another thread, I offered up some fashionable pants for concealed carry.

No for this thread, I present to you the mag carrying vest THAT CONCEALS THE MAGS.
See, you can't see them.

Great for that time when you really need more ammo

Is carrying concealed extra mags worth it? - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
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Is there any legal reason why one should not be able to open carry their mags?
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I always carry a Sig 226 in 357Sig with a 12 rounder +1 and a spare as well as a S&W 340PD J frame I have only had to shoot in self defense once and i round killed the suspect but you never know whats down the road.
Retired LE, M.P., Sr. M.P. Investigator, armorer, F.B.I. Trained Rangemaster/Firearms Instructor , Presently Forensic Document Examiner for D.H.S.
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Originally Posted by SSGN_Doc

MAybe, but if you're not out of the fight it is nice to have an option instead of waiting for a coup d' gras.
Train for a misfire. We all should be.
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Originally Posted by Vikingdad
Is there any legal reason why one should not be able to open carry their mags?
I've wondered the same question.

I live in Nevada. One of the open carry states. I really loved exercising that right. I carried my sidearm and two extra mags with me just about everywhere I went. I avoided places that didn't allow me to carry (except my kid's school of course). After awhile of looks and people stopping in their cars to ask me how I feel about open carrying, I really didn't want the attention. I really wish I was the type of person that had the ability to preach and give the good word about gun control, and our rights and all that good stuff. I don't.
On that note I started realizing that didn't want the attention for the reason that if a BG came in to a place that I was residing for the moment, or if they were already there planning or waiting for an attack. I did not want to be the first person to be the one to check off on their "to-do" list. I would much rather look like the least of any threat that the BG feels that he has in front of him.

I'm know this isn't the question you asked, but I thought I'd share this.
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Originally Posted by manta View Post
If that's your thinking why carry a firearm. We all gotta die sometime.
So you prefer to drag along enough crap to do a

Seal Team Six mission?

I lived in a state where they won't let you carry. So

my initial purpose to carry is exercising a freedom.

My primary purpose for a CWP is purchasing convenience.

I carry a range shooter. CC pistols are simply miserable range guns.
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to the op: it is your choice to make. that said, i only carry extra reloads if i know ahead of time i am having to go to/through/near dangerous places. otherwise i have just the 6 rounds in my revolver [i carry 357 mag 158 gr hydrashocks, 1 shot 1 stop] also, i have had leo friends who have been in shootouts, they went through the whole mag without realizing it. it all comes down to training and practice, then when in a situation toss that aside and do what it takes to survive.
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