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Carrying in Bars?

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Originally Posted by Rebiker1 View Post
Not that it makes much difference but please keep in mind that Hispanic is not a race. Hispanics are white, black, yellow, mixed, etc. Hispanics share a common language but not a common race.
Yes...I understand this. I didn't invent HIBOW, but I DID have to use it. It spoke to ethnic appearance, not specific lineage. Try calling a person of japanese heritage "oriental" might get hurt. BUT....the system did give us a "general descriptive" model to work with.
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Bars in my area are pistol free zones. When I go into a "pistol free" zone, I take the slide and barrel off of the frame and leave the frame and (sometimes) the mags in the car. I refuse to leave a gun in the car for goons to steal and use in a crime. But, I also want my gun with me whenever I can have it. This solution allows me to carry always and enter P.F. zones. The slide and barrel are pretty easy to take with me. I recently went to a hospital to visit my wife's uncle. I just dropped them into a plastic grocery bag and then dropped it into another bag. Carried it in like a couple of books.
If a goon does take my gun (frame), he most likely won't be able to get a slide for it. So even though he took it, at least it won't be used in a crime.

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I carried into one of my neighborhood dive bars this morning. I really think it depends on the situation. I know this place is a bar but it also serves killer breakfast food. I just got my permit 4 days ago. The bar isn't in a bad neighborhood, and they were serving alcohol to some rowdy dudes at the bar that were there for the 10AM college football games. When my girlfriend and I were eating I was thinking about what sort of situation could happen. Think about the salon down in California. At this bar, similar to many like it there are a lot of women working. They have tons of regulars and their boyfriends and coworkers come in to eat. What if some a hole ex-husband or exboyfriend decides to come shoot the place up while his poor ex is working the tables. So, yeah, I'm not much of a drinker. If I go into any place like that it is usually because they have good food and good deals. Nice greasy meal to start the day off right. Now, if I was going to drink and get drunk, which I do seldomly, but still do, I wouldnt be carrying. But most of my buddies carry and if we're getting hammered there is always a designated driver.

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Here in texas you CANNOT bring your gun in a bar. Sucks but thats the way it is.

Signing out, Alpha1victor.
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Originally Posted by Jess View Post
In michigan the standard is 50% of income of the establishment has to come from the sale of booze. So Applebees is ok...the local meat market booty bar not ok
Yeah im in the same boat. If i do drink its usally at home. But if i do find myself going out to a bar or anywhere that serves booze i just put it away in the glovebox or trunk depending.
Posted by cddbrowns
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Here in Nevada I carry in bars because they have some of the best food and it's legal to do so. While I never drink and carry, it is technically legal to carry and drink so as long as you don't have a Blood Alcohol Content over 0.8.
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In indiana i carry everywhere im legal to which includes resturants that serve alcohol, not sure about bars tho cause the site i looked on didnt say anything about bars but im not a bar hopper anyways.
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