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Can own handguns,can't get CCW

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Originally Posted by SomeGuy View Post
Did I understand this correctly? Someone said something about "you should feel lucky you can even purchase a handgun" , and then went on to say that in California if you have a mental illness you can't even purchase any gun.
So... I live in California and I have a mental disability called Asperger's Syndrome and Major Depression. I have already compelated the hunter's saftey coarse years back, before I was diagnosed. Does this in turn mean it is legal for me to purchase for example multiple expensive hunting tag's for say... Deer ,Wild Boar ,or hmm lets see even a hunting tag for a Bear for that matter, but not legal for me to purchase a new handgun or any gun for that matter to use if a wounded hog charges me or a huge Bear that doesnt go down so easy? If that is infact the case then by all means this law certainly does not make me feel any safer. It fact I feel ripped off considering I had paid a fee for the hunter's saftey coarse. What do you suggest I go Bear hunting with, a butter knife perhaps ? I suppose bow hunting is an option but not a very viable one in my opinion. Or is a bow out of the question as well ? I would prefer to use a high powered rifle or AR-15/
Mini-30 and a colt 1911 .45 as back up, maybe even a knife incase a pig gets on top of me. Bear/Pig hunting with a bow/knife sounds more insane/dangerous than any law abiding citizen with hunting tags and a (pistol/rifle/shotgun/disability). I am not one to believe I can not purchase any new guns. Could someone please clarify this for me ? I may have missed something. I hope you all realize half of what I had to say was sarcasm. My disability certainly effects my daily life as well as quality of life and I have my reasons to be depressed, it certainly doesnt make me a criminal by any means. Lucky me I bought a 12 Ga. nearly as soon as I turned 18 and I also own a .308 bolt action rifle as well as multiple other firearms most of which I choose not to use at all because I view the majority of my firearms as family heirlooms. I would far rather prefer to purchase a New rifle and hand gun if possible soley for the purpose of being properly prepared for hunting wild pig.

Sorry to have bombed your post about CCW and all but that is my two cents on CA gun laws for the mentally disabled/ill. Again I may have missed something and could be going on about not being allowed to purchase a gun when really I could, I am not sure so someone please clarify this for me. It doesnt seem to add up that someone can legally obtain a hunters saftey certificate and use this certificate to buy hunting tags but then Not be allowed to purchase a gun. This is actualy the info I was searching for when I came accross your post. I need to know if I can buy the rifle and pistol I plan to purchase, In the state of California for the sole use of hunting, all while having a mental disability of Asperger's Syndrome and Major Depression.

If I am allowed to purchase a New handgun and Rifle then my bad for rambling on but honestly I am not even the least bit interested in what anyone thinks if I did look like a jackle or what not for rambling on. Anyhow please get back to me.

This is dissapointing to be thinking I might not be allowed to buy the proper tools to hunt safe, hand to hand combat with an angry Bear or Pig doesnt sound like a good time to me. All because I was born with a brain wired a little differantly. Hunting should be an equall opportunity spot for all to enjoy in a proper and safe fashion. I always wanted to harvest a wild boar and have a pig roast to share it with family. I would have a sence of pride in doing this. That is BS if I end up getting murdered by a hog while hunting because I dont have a good side arm. For those of you who are in fact hunting hogs with a blade, more power to you but I dont have brass balls.

cya all, I'm outty 500 for now!
PS: Wait haha, hand to hand combat with a bear does sound pretty fun to some degree
Or pretty badass, but not a risk I am willing to take.
Get back on your medication, SOON!
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Big news, I was misdiagnosed. I don't even have aspergers or major depression. I have Schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. It is actually called Schizo-affective disorder when there is a dual diagnoses. I choose not to let that hold me back. I have since gotten my CCW and have become a fire fighter. Thanks for the comment about take your meds now. I appreciate your concern but in all honesty I am better off without meds.
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Originally Posted by Jo da Plumbr View Post
I think you should be glad you get to own a gun at all. Here in CA if you have any treated mental issues you can't even own a gun. They don't ask what illness and make exceptions for the less seriously affected. So be glad for what you have.
I don't think thats the right attitude at all! Sure be happy you can own a gun in the first place, but you should not except the fact you cannot carry for your own personal protection. It is not fair they generalize mental illness like that.

Especially if someone has a history of anger management problems, that no way stops them from owning or carrying a firearm, ha! That is a problem with society, outcasting and categorizing everyone that's not like the 'norm'.

Who cares if you have to wash your hands 73 times and count how many tiles there are in your kitchen, before you leave your house. You still have the right to defend yourself.
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