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G30USMC 03-16-2012 02:27 AM

Bodyguard 380
My wife currently has a Taurus TCP 380 and she is pretty good at it, however I am thinking her reaction to a self defense situation will be different, which brings me to this question?

I was thinking of getting my wife the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 because of the built on laser, I'm not a fan of the laser and for myself, I would not use one, but for my wife, if it would give her that extra little assistance in the need of a self defense situation.

What are the thoughts out there on this one, have her stick with the Taurus TCP 380 which she shoots well, or buy her the Bodyguard 380 which has a light for that situation where a little extra assistance can help her?

Hammy517 03-16-2012 02:48 AM

I had the BG380 for a week and took shooting once. It sucked. The laser is a pain to activate. The trigger is horrible and take down is crappy. Better of sticking with the Taurus even though I have never shot one of those.

Steenkamp 03-16-2012 04:31 PM

Never shot the TCp laser. What i do with my wife is i get her to practice with my guns. If she can shoot somebody with the good old iron sights she will be able to hit them with anything. If something does happen( woman most of all) it will be over before you know it. Get her comfortable with a gun. If she is good at it and quick/comfortable she will be fine in any situation. I carry a Bersa .380. My wife knows it and would be able to squueze one off in a a couple seconds. Knowledge is the key..

mountainman13 03-16-2012 08:21 PM

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Agreed the trigger on the bodyguard is terrible. The ruger lcp is a great pistol with a nice flush side mount laser.

winds-of-change 03-16-2012 08:41 PM

Personally, I don't think a laser is much help in a critical self defense situation. I think we all must practice point and shoot accuracy. In most situations, you aren't going to have much time to aim or use that laser. That's just my opinion.

mountainman13 03-16-2012 08:56 PM

They are good for shooting from strange positions where aiming isn't an option but can help with fast acquisition.

sdcromer 03-18-2012 09:23 PM

Google "bodyguard 380 firing pin" before you buy.

JTJ 03-18-2012 09:46 PM

If you are in a critical situation, you probably wont have the time or the focus to turn on a laser. It needs to be grip activated. Copying the ads you see where people are scanning with the laser could get you arrested or shot. More important and mostly neglected is the ability to shoot accurately from an in tight position or literally from the hip. You can not nor do you want to extend into the 2 hand shooting position if the BG is too close. Here a laser can help but training is better and the laser can help you train.

fstkmaro 03-20-2012 01:04 AM

I just got my permit and also just got a BG380. Besides that I have a ISSC M22 Single Action. I am more accurate with the 22 than with the 380. I have really big hands so that adds to the situation.
Shooting one after the other is like night and day. I am not saying that the 380 sucks, it is just different. Please note that I live in MA and here the double action trigger must be at least 10lbs. It takes getting used to that trigger on the 380.
I have shot about 300rds through it since last Friday when I got it and have had no issues with it. I have shot both Federal and Remington (bulk) and it has functioned flawlessly. I have not even cleaned the thing plus my accuracy has improved greatly at about 30ft. (I am a rookie as well)
The comfort is not there, it is definitely a different monster that requires practice. As a CCW it is excellent for concealment. I carry mine with a pocket holster that looks like a wallet.
In the short period of time I have had it I have had no issues and it has fired every time. I have not yet adjusted the laser but I find that to be a commodity rather than a necessity. I feel I have to get proficient with the gun as is with its sights than to depend on some gizmo. It is true that the laser is a pain to activate. S&W has updated laser buttons for the newer editions and you can ask them to help upgrade an old one.
In my experience, it is a reliable device with a learning curve.

Kodeman 03-21-2012 09:26 AM

Having shot the BG380 I would never buy one because of the long trigger pull. Does any one know if the Ruger Lcp has this same problem? Thanks in advance.

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