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Best gun?

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The best resource I know of to help answer this question is

Originally Posted by Beginner's Guide To Carry
Brought to you by
The first thing to learn (which will be demonstrated later) is that in regards to concealed carry, everything is a compromise. You sacrifice caliber for capacity or overall size, features for cost, sight radius for concealability, etc. Get used to this concept now as it will be a factor in every decision you make from this point. There is no perfect gun, there is no magic bullet, and despite my best efforts (in this message) there is no one size fits all.
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Smith and Wesson M&P 40. Nuf said.

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I carry a Desert Eagle 9mm.
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Originally Posted by cnorman18 View Post
.380 power in a .25-sized package; light weight, flat, undetectable in a pocket, hits where it looks--what's not to love? No, it's not a .45, but it'll be there ALL the time. I'm a fat guy who doesn't wear a coat once in a blue moon, and on me a full-sized combat pistol is about as easy to hide as a grapefruit. I need a SMALL gun, and the P3AT has the most power for its size and weight on the market--except for those (apparently) platinum mini-9s. The P3AT is also affordable; not all of us have $2,000 to spend on a carry gun. Under $300 at a gun show--and that leaves plenty of money for practice ammo. It's the solution for me; if you can afford and conceal a Cylinder & Slide Shop custom Kahr, congratulations; for a po' boy like me, the P3AT is a godsend.
I carry the Keltec P3AT because of it's small size and weight, and loaded with hydrashocks. Fairly accurate up to about 20 feet. With Thunderware, I carry a Taurus Millinium Pro PT145, light weight for a 45, but a full mag weighs more than my loaded 380.
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Originally Posted by maddog View Post
What is the best gun to carry concealed?
The biggest gun that you will carry on a daily basis, thereby making this a personal decision.

That answers sucks, buts its the truth because the best gun for me might be one that you'll leave at home because its uncomfortable. If its at home its worthless.

That being said sub-compact autos, slim-line autos, mouseguns, and J-frame Smith revolvers all have their zealot followers.

Some specific models that will have a large following include but are not limited to:

Glock 26/27, Kahr PM9/PM40, and other subcompact polymer pistols.

Glock 19/23, Springfield XD compact, and other compact polymer pistols.

Compact 1911s from reputable companies such as Kimber, Springfield, etc.

Smith J-frames such as the Model 36, Model 442, Model 340.

Smith K-frames such as the Model 13 & 65 with 3-inch barrel.

Smith X-frames such as the Model 500 (this was to see if you're paying attention)

Kel-Tec P3AT, Ruger LCP, Seecamp, Beretta Jetfire, and other Mouseguns.
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mine was the glock 30, small 10 plus 1 in the chamber and was an extension of my arm, very accurate
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