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Best conceal carry location

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Chris How do you like that EMP I have been wanting one since I seen them.

Lets get going guys the rimfire shoot is going on now. Lets get some targets up there.

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IWB at around 4:30 position, formerly with my Sig P228, and hopefully again soon with my Warrior

Currently messing with Texas
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A S&W M&P 9c in a Blade-Tech IWB holster, strong side at 4 o'clock.
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Taurus M66 4" .357 in a shoulder rig.

I like shoulder because it never prints, draw is fast, and you can carry a lot more gun. I got seven in the cylinder and one extra speed loader.

On hot days its a 2" Taurus .357 snubbie strong side front (1 O'clock) in a IWB holster.
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Indeed, one should carry, be comfortable and be familiar with drawing and shooting from what ever position they choose, IWB or OWB. Ya just got to keep training and practicing.

Myself, I carry @ 11 or 6, with IWB or OWB, depending on what I am doing that day or wearing. I am also ambidextrous.


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To some extend, depends.

I usually carry in an IWB, just above my right hip pocket. HOWEVER-

If I am primarily drving a car, carry shifts to my left side, still IWB. When sitting in a car with a seat belt on, I CAN get to a left side carry, but my usual right rear carry is locked up by seat/seat belt, and steering wheel will interfere with bringing a gun into use.

Am not a big fan of crossdraw, which is why I like strong side carry, but sometimes circumstances force a change.

Mexican carry (tucking under your belt w no holster) usually ends after you have to retrieve a gun from your underwear, or it bounces across the floor somewhere you REALLY wish it had not. Holsters, with a retaining device (mine are thumbreaks) are good.
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Strong side, FBI cant is really the way to go. If offers optimum draw and with proper training, will help you get your sights on target more quickly that other options.

If for concealment purposes, strong side is out of the question, an appendix carry would be my second choice. I'd still opt for strong side and I'd still opt for an FBI cant holster.
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Default When I carry...

Originally Posted by drakkon View Post
In your opinion where on the body is the best location to carry for protection purposes?
Typically, IWB, 1 o'clock, Uncle Mike soft clip-on, Taurus 650 (2" .357). T-Shirt out and over. Otherwise, my M&P 40 in Kydex IWB holster, small of the back, usually while wearing jeans with a casual shirt out and over. Neither prints.
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Originally Posted by ChrisMoore View Post
I carry a Springfield Armory 1911 EMP "Cocked and Locked" on my strong side (3 O'Clock) in a Don Hume I.W.B. Concealment Holster, with two spare magazines in my weakside rear pocket loaded with Winchester Ranger SXT ammo, a SureFire Lumamax L1 Flashlight in my weakside front pocket, a Cold Steel Recon 1 - Spear Point Fighting Folder in my strong side front pocket
Man, where do you keep your wallet and keys? I'm not joking here, I really want to know the practicalities. I've been thinking about strong-side pocket carrying and realize that I'd need to put my wallet somewhere else. I did think that wallet on the weak side would allow me to pull my wallet with my weak side for a mugger while preparing my strong hand for drawing.

When I go out I like to have more on me than gun, mags, flashlight, and a knife. Of course I'm just a teacher so I wouldn't know what to do with the other stuff anyway.
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Ya'll are probably weary of my references to my "American Express Gun", my Smith Model 19, but here it is in its Don Hume holster at my side. Temperatures here have hovered around 100 degrees lately, so I just don a leather vest for concealment.

Best conceal carry location - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection

Strong side, easily reached without "telegraphing" my move. This is equally accessable when dresed up in street clothes with a sports coat.

Bob Wright

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