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Arguments for Carrying a Semi-Auto or Revolver

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Originally Posted by kbd512 View Post

Feel free to quit reading anytime you like. If possible, contribute to the discussion.
Funny I was thinking the same about you......
I think you are convinced the one who types the most, wins.
So please type your smart ass comments some more. Uninterested, unsubscribed
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Originally Posted by 304inc View Post
Funny I was thinking the same about you......
I think you are convinced the one who types the most, wins.
So please type your smart ass comments some more. Uninterested, unsubscribed
Thank you for your most enlightening addition to this discussion. Once again, feel free to stop reading wherever you like.
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The optimist in me is thinking of this:

Or not.
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There is no argument. Carry what you want. I prefer a semi auto but on occasion carry a revolver(seldom) . Personal preferences.
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both have their merits, both have their detractors. it is something as unique to that individual as they are. a revolver can be simpler to operate, but there are good semi autos that are simple as well. if a semi jams then it can be a difficult task for some to remedy in a high stress situation, however when a revolver jams [yes it can happen] you are then pretty much screwed. the slide on a semi can take great amount of force, and there are those who are not able to rack the slide, revolver can have a stiff trigger, now the list goes on and on, so instead ill say that a handgun is a compromise, and whatever the person chooses, based on what they can and cant do/handle, that training and practice are vital.

now me, i have a 4" 357 revolver, its what i have, i can operate it competently & accurately, so its what i carry, with the best ammo [in my opinion] that i can find that is purpose specific to the task [fed 158gr hydra-shok]
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Personally I use to carry a semi-auto, I have no problem carrying one as they normally are reliable given you take care of them and clean them regularly, however I since switched to carrying my S&W 30-1 revolver that I bought last month as it feel better in my hands and I can get faster follow up shots. The only pro I can think of with a revolver over a semi-auto is that they rarely fail to fire, you don't have to worry about failing to eject, and if you do have a failure, just push the trigger a second time to fire the next round. The con of a revolver is it is usally a max of 6 rounds loaded at one time.
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Default Some things don't change, some things do

Having carried a weapon for close to fifty years now, some twenty-eight as a lawman, I have some serious convictions about what to carry.

I do not believe my survival in a self-defense encounter depends primarily on my ability to deliver a thirty round burst. If attacked by more than - three? - armed attackers who are determined and aggressive, by the time I pacify the first two or three, evil-doer number five will probably get me. Somewhat like walking into an ambush. If I pacify numbers one and possibly two, the rest change their mind and flee, I do not need - indeed by law, cannot - continue to fire.

If I'm having a bad day (it happens) and cannot get the first attacker, the remainder of the ammunition - either in the primary weapon or in magazines or extra belts - are of no use. True in competition and gunfights, one cannot miss fast enough to win.

If I am attacked by a 'group', shooting the first attacker 'to the ground' is not optimal. I could probably shoot one attacker multiple times, but that leaves the others to fire on me. Therefore, the ability to shoot multiple attackers quickly appeals to me.

Since I will be required to fire one shot at each potential attacker (and then perhaps go back and discourage some again) I desire a sidearm with what I consider to be 'ample' power.

Obvious to my mind, this mandates a sidearm that is completely reliable; at least as reliable as is mechanically possible. Happily, there are a multitude of sidearms that meet that criteria, presuming the ammunition is suitable. (I have experienced far more stoppages with lighter target type loads than with full charge ammunition.)

Truthfully, I would prefer an M1 Carbine for 'multiple assailant' encounters. However, they are difficult to carry on a routine basis under a sports coat. (And they are a real pain to get in and out of one's normal vehicle when hidden away.) So a handgun of some sort is pretty much what I can carry.

My normal environment is an urban, built up, city type situation. So a 'long shot' is going to be (more than likely) twenty-five yards or less. Most likely, less. If I were living in a rural area, with only infrequent visits to the 'city', I would pick something with a bit more range.

Another factor in selecting a sidearm is personal considerations. I have somewhat short fingers. The largest grip I can comfortably handle is a Government Model. I can shoot a Glock, but they always feel like a square block in my hand; shooting a Glock (all the Glocks I've ever tried, they seem to be all about the same grip size) one handed gives me the feeling I have only a tenuous grip and control.

So. My primary choice for a carry gun is a H&K USPc 40. The grip size is 'just enough' small for my hands, the sights are good, the trigger is acceptable and the caliber is sufficient.

However, I also carry a S&W M19 2.5 inch revolver when the mood takes me. I also carry a Colt Commander (lightweight) in .45 ACP on occasion; or a Government Model, possibly a S&W M10 cut down to 'snubby' size, or a pair of old .38 Special Hand Ejectors with 2 inch barrels. And sometimes, I carry a S&W M36 in a trouser pocket. I have a couple of S&W "N" frame revolvers that I like, but the size makes them inconvenient for normal carry.

When a less experienced person asks for advice about concealed guns, my basic tack is to find out what size of sidearm is 'convenient' for their hands, clothing and experience. Following that, I direct them to the largest caliber available that fits that 'convenient' profile. Then I have them try out a spectrum of ammunition to what level they can handle properly.

With experience, this criteria changes somewhat. Sort of like 'what car should I buy?' It depends on many things, experience included.

One size typically fits none.
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