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Which .45 for Concealed Carry?

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The Glock 36 is a very good cc weapon....I have been carrying it for 12 years...It conceals very nice...When I was in the Army I carried a 1911 for 5 yrs as my sidearm......but for self defense I still like the glock.. it is ready to rock and roll without having to remember to take it off safety.....I do have a great love for the 1911...but how many of you have had to deploy it in the real world.....every second counts and every move counts or it may be you that goes down..... There are many of you that may not like what I just stated but when the balloon goes up it is to late...... Military Term.....

You already are familiar with the workings of the already have what is called muscle memory for the deployment of that weapon...why retrain for a different weapon? You have a big choice to make.... all the pistols that were mentioned are outstanding.... but just remember, train with what you will defend your life with....

Okay off the soupbox...

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Originally Posted by feedsasquatch View Post
I think I need to get my hands on a Kimber Ultra Carry II, Kimber Compact II, and a Para PXT LDA single-stack. Once I've fired them at a gun range I'll have a better feel for what I'm looking for.

Is Taurus a good brand? Do they make a concealed 1911?

Man, these things are not cheap, my budget for a carry gun was about $600 (and I didn't want to go over $800). I guess I'll be waiting till Christmas...
The price tag is probably the 1911's main drawback. Especially if you start adding accesories and changing parts (which you will). I still feel that it's a great design and that every pistol lover should own one.

About Taurus, they had a bad reputation a few years back but they've improved a lot and their guns are affordable. I've heard horror stories about their customer service, but in the end they seem to always honour their warranty. They are quite popular in my country, since we have lots of trade agreements with Brazil and they are a lot cheaper than any other imported brand, they hold up well.

If you don't want to get a 1911, you might want to try out a Smith & Wesson M&P. I bought a 9mm recently and tried the compact .45. They are nice guns, accurate and easy to shoot.
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Id look into the Colt commander or combat commander. IMO they are the best handguns ever made. Thats just me though...
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Anybody try the new small Ruger LCP yet? I know nothing about them, but was considering one as an easy conceal carry since it's so small.

Oh, never mind, just noticed that they're .380 only. Dang.

I am on a quest to come up with an easy conceal carry for my XD 45ACP. I have the "service" model (couldn't find a compact at the gun show), 4" barrel, and man that same 13-round magazine that's so cool from a firepower perspective also makes for a thick grip that is tough to hide....
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3 to 4 inch barreled 1911s disappear, even in shorts and a t-shirt.

If you've never fired a single action 1911, you owe it to yourself to do so. Even the triggers and actions on the cheap 1911s are superior to all else on the market. There is little, if any, creep or over travel on the triggers and they break like a glass rod.

I dumped my .45 ACP USP for the down payment on my Kimber the day that I first fired a Kimber 1911. Since then, I've met people on ranges that have 1911s that want to trade a magazine through mine for a magazine through theirs. Because of this, I've sampled many different makes of 1911s, including Wilsons and Caspians and tuned bastard pistols as well as cheap and budget minded 1911s.

This has all lead me to appreciate the 1911 in all it's forms. If you're interested in a 1911 as a carry piece, I'd take a look at a Colt Commander or Kimber Compact II as an entry piece.

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I'll have to agree with Dri-wash. I carry a Glock 30 for concealed carry either in a belt holster or inside the belt holster. I'm a die hard 1911 fan and carry one on duty, but the Glock is easier to conceal and has fewer rough edges as compared to a 1911.
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Dan Wesson Bobtail, its my everyday carry piece. Carry IWB in a Milt Sparks Summer Special.
Its a Semi Custom at a production pistol cost. Has many Ed Brown parts
Which .45 for Concealed Carry? - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection

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My first choice, they are getting a rare, is my Detonics .45

Which .45 for Concealed Carry? - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection

My other choice, it's kinda pricey, but worth it. IMHO. Kimber Pro CDP II, Custom Shop.

Which .45 for Concealed Carry? - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
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Heres my thing about packin. I want a tough pistol that can stand up to the abuse it is goign to see getting tossed in to a evidance locker. You know that cop doesn't give a rats azz about your nice flashy cool looking 1911 that you tossed $2000 down on. It goes in a bin with the rest. If it rusts not his problem.

For that I say get something that is built to take that kind of abuse. I can get a glock for $350 to $500 in my area. Not bad for me to get for a throw away gun. my $700 Kimber is not meant to be treated like that.

I would go to a range and look at there compacts and try them out all of them. Then go to another range and do the same if you find some that were not at the other range. Find the one that feels good to you and shoots the best for you. Don't just shoot like you are shooting for your life if you can. not just taking your time and plinking at a paper target.

When you find one that out shoots them all and feels good to you then buy it no matter the cost.
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Well, I got to shoot a true Colt Government model 1911 this week. Wow, it was amazing. I know want a 1911 for my home-defense gun and concealed carry pistol (as soon as my license comes in the mail). Hmmm, maybe a Kimber Ultra Carry II and a Taurus 1911 for home defense to replace the Glock 23? Or maybe I should just save up some extra $$$ and get a Kimber Tactical model for home defense. We'll see...
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