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feedsasquatch 07-13-2009 03:43 AM

Which .45 for Concealed Carry?
So, my wife and I are getting our concealed carry licenses this month. I've decided that I want to carry a .45. Not a .40, and not 9mm. Fact is, a hit with a JHP .45, is better than a hit with a JHP 9mm. So, which .45 ACP should I carry? (My wife will carry a 9mm, because she can't handle the recoil of a .45, yet)

- Glock 36? I already own a Glock 22. I like Glock, trust Glock, and think it would be comfortable to carry, as it is very slim. However, I've heard many people complain that they jam if you limpwrist them, which could be a problem if I have to fire it one-handed...

- Springfield XD? Is the 4" compact the same size as the Glock 30? How is it's concealabilty compared to a Glock 36? I don't question Springfield's reliability, but I do prefer the ergonomics of a third gen Glock...

- 1911? I know next to nothing about these things, except that tons of people on this forum swear by them. So this is pretty much an open invitation to sell me on one. Why a 1911 vs. Glock or Springfield? Why single action vs. DAO? Why a massive pistol that weighs 40+ ounces loaded over one that weighs at least 1/2 a pound less? Is it concealable?

*If a 1911, what's a good brand that's under $800 (Taurus, Springfield, Kimber?).

UnderFire 07-13-2009 04:06 AM

My vote goes for Para USA PXT LDA Single Stack or Kimber Ultra Carry II;
both in 1911 miniature frames & .45ACP and other calibers available also.

feedsasquatch 07-13-2009 04:30 AM

How's the recoil in a 3" barrel in a 1911? I found the recoil in a .45 Glock compact to be very manageable, but have never fired a 1911.

UnderFire 07-13-2009 04:48 AM

Of course more than a full size.
It seems you're comfortable with .45 cals so I don't see a problem.
Also Kahr makes some awesome compact 45's. Check-out Kahr's CW & P/PM series.

Franciscomv 07-13-2009 05:28 AM

A 1911 would be my choice, even the full size single stacks are slim and relatively easy to carry. I don't mind the weight of a steel-framed Government size 1911, but I understand that's a very subjective thing, so you might want to look into some of the compact ones with 4 1/4" or 3" barrels and perhaps aluminum frames.

My dad has carried a Colt Defender for a while (3" barrel and aluminum frame), it's a dandy little pistol and it's very accurate. I don't know how many shots he's fired, but I've personally run 200 rounds through it and enjoyed it a lot.

Paras are worth looking at, too. Their LDA guns are interesting, although I prefer single action pistols. I've been shooting my P14-45 a lot lately and I love it, the big thick grip fits my hand well. I've been considering getting a Warthog for concealed carry in the summer, it is thick but you get 10+1 rounds of .45 goodness! If you prefer a single stack, you can go with the Slim Hawg (6+1 cartridges, the receiver is made out of stainless steel, unlike the aluminum Warthog).

I have nothing against Glocks, they just aren't my cup of tea. I prefer single action pistols and I also like being able to buy all sorts of aftermarket parts for my 1911's to get them just the way I like them.

layton 07-13-2009 06:40 AM

You know, there is no one perfect fit all weapon, what I would suggest in go to a range that carries an assortment and just try to find the one that best suits you, some of the ranges will let you try before you buy, after all they want you satisfied and come back.I basically have not had any issues with recoil from either the 5,4, or 3 inch 45's, and I prefer the XD over the others, just like the feel and the hammer-less feature of the XD, also like the various safety features and I prefer the double action, but that is just me, as I said, it just feels good, I also like the double thumb recess on the XD, you can operate from either hand,remember, your dominant hand just might not have access to the weapon at that time. Do not rush into getting one, take your time, remember an important thing rest on your final decision, YOUR LIFE.


WDB 07-13-2009 07:54 AM

The 1911 is a sweet firearm and the best in the 45 acp. All the same I carry a S&W M&P 45. I believe it's easier to get on target, easier to carry as a habbit. I have much respect for the 1911 frame and believe the M&P took the best of that and made an easy carry 45. Shoot as many 45's as you can at a range that rents and find the one that fits you best. You have to be able to shoot it well and also carry it every day.

Good luck, let us know your choice.

feedsasquatch 07-13-2009 02:51 PM

I think I need to get my hands on a Kimber Ultra Carry II, Kimber Compact II, and a Para PXT LDA single-stack. Once I've fired them at a gun range I'll have a better feel for what I'm looking for.

Is Taurus a good brand? Do they make a concealed 1911?

Man, these things are not cheap, my budget for a carry gun was about $600 (and I didn't want to go over $800). I guess I'll be waiting till Christmas...

General_lee 07-13-2009 03:55 PM

Taurus makes a good 1911 for under $800.
Just remember, it's a tried and true design thats been around since 1911.

trex1310 07-13-2009 09:52 PM

I like the Springfield XD sub-compact. There's something to be said
for 14 rounds of .45acp at your disposal.

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