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ARlover 04-10-2014 03:53 AM

.357 vs 45acp more stopping power?
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Looking at the ruger sp101 carrys 5rds .357 or something like it
Glock 30s with 10rds of .45acp
What do you think is a better option for EDC?? Attachment 141742Attachment 141743

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ARlover 04-10-2014 03:58 AM

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Or a Compact 1911 because of the committed safety a plus Attachment 141746

I want something I can have confidence in what outher options are there the xds I think might be small but idk what else ???

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rifleman1 04-10-2014 04:00 AM

I would go with the glock just because of the extra rounds if it is going to be a sd pistol,the 357 is a nice choice to though.

Axxe55 04-10-2014 04:04 AM

more a choice of personal preference and what fits your personal needs the best.

the 357 is packing a bit moe energy and the 45 is carrying a bit more capacity. that is a debate i am not even going to touch.

none of the ones i have seen you mentioned would be a bad choice IMO, but it will come down to what you feel is the best choice for you. try them out and see what feels right to you is the best advice i can give you.

therewolf 04-10-2014 04:05 AM

My ballistics would support the 45ACP for

people stopping power.

The larger, slower bullet is going to

expend more terminal energy in a person.

The 357 Mag has 4 times the penetrating

power, and will likely cut through someone

quickly and cleanly.

As to the pistol, I'd go with a 1911, but that's just me.

JW357 04-10-2014 04:10 AM

I'm a revolver guy and I hate Glocks. So my answer is fairly obvious.

Is this your first handgun?

Go to a gun store and hold as many as you can to figure out which is most comfortable for you. See if you can shoot a couple to see which you like shooting the most.

In terms of .45 vs .357, personally I like .357. But being objective, with modern ammunition, there is little difference in.performance between most of the common defensive calibers.

therewolf 04-10-2014 04:19 AM

I know a couple guys, OTOH, who love

the S&W 357.

IMHO, both the 1911s and 357 revolvers have a

lot going for them, they are just very different, in

ballistic terms.

TekGreg 04-10-2014 04:29 AM

This article, which is based on 10-years of data collected on only real-life shootings, shows that the .357 Magnum and .357 Sig are the best one-shot man stoppers there are. So all things being equal, .357 is the best round to risk your life on. ;)

However, since the best trained cops (SRT, HRT) only reach approximately a 50% hit rate, magazine capacity becomes an issue in real-life, stress-filled, adrenaline-laced situations. :eek: The stopping power of the round does not matter if you don't hit the BG with it, so number of rounds available is to be taken very seriously.

Just something to consider.

Glocks in.357 Sig:
Model 31 Full, 15-rounds
Model 32 Compact, 13-rounds
Model 33 Sub, 9-rounds.

Pearce Grip Extensions can add 1 or 2 rounds to the magazine by replacing the butt plate.

Shoobee 04-10-2014 07:04 AM

The best two choices are both pistols not revolvers.

They are the 9mm and the 45ACP either with JHP's.

While [edit] a 357 cal revolver is the most accurate handgun (pistol or revolver) in the world, it is over powered for self defense.

The FBI used to love this gun, but now all the LEO's including the Fed's carry Glocks.

I am not fond of Glocks at all, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

My own 45ACP is not a Glock however.

danf_fl 04-10-2014 09:40 AM

I'm on the fence here if you are looking for opinions.

I believe that either one would work in a SD situation as you try to get to your back-up rifle.

As EDC, weight is the factor. Even if there is only 1 ounce difference, the heavier loaded firearm will remind you it is there.

But you want the weight on the range to help absorb recoil.

Bottom line, your choice, but choose wisely for your situation.

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