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Dearhunter 01-24-2013 08:04 PM

This looks like fun!!
I was sent this clip from a friend, thought I would past it on to you folks.


SmallCaliberGuy 01-24-2013 11:12 PM

Gun Control......Oklahoma style!!:D

Ben91 01-25-2013 12:46 AM

I want that savage.

rocshaman 01-25-2013 12:50 AM

That's awesome, I'm going next year!

DrumJunkie 01-25-2013 12:54 AM

Reminds me of Knob Creek here in Ky...A lot of fun :)

1turkeyhunter 01-25-2013 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by Ben91
I want that savage.

My brother bought one about 2 months ago. Pretty sweet!

Squawk 01-25-2013 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by DrumJunkie
Reminds me of Knob Creek here in Ky...A lot of fun :)

I have missed the Machine Gun Shoot. I will be back next year. Good times.

drvsafe 01-25-2013 01:05 AM


rocshaman 01-25-2013 01:08 AM

Anyone know whereabouts in OK they have this?

2manyhobbies 01-25-2013 05:44 PM

Looks like fun but then Knob Creek is a step up they have open shoot twice a year... :D
For a fee you can shoot their full auto's and they have a huge open market under a roof.... and the night shoot is awesome, I have video but do not want to pirate the post ;)

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