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Georgia woman protects kids and herself from intruder.

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I thought this country would be safe without guns.
I'm so effen confussed.
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Read the story on the Fox Website but, of course, no mention that I could find on the state run media. So I fired off emails to all and asked why they didn't run such an interesting story. I could understand NBC's dilemma. It was either a story about a brave woman exercising her second amendment right while protecting herself and her children or running a vital piece regarding a cat in Brazil being used to smuggle contraband into a local prison. Tough choice.

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Originally Posted by 1911love View Post
Aren't you guys seeing the bigger issue. That evil gun took away this woman's right to be raped, robbed, and murdered along with her children.
No, that fact was not lost to me at all.

Originally Posted by CourtJester View Post
I thought this country would be safe without guns.
I'm so effen confussed.
Well, the bad guy might have been a lot safer.
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On the MSNBC website they are calling her a"trigger happy" Atlanta mom. Its unbelievable....She was scared,and her natural instinct to protect her babies kicked in. I bet she squeezed the trigger 5 more times after the gun was empty. Probably a good thing she had access to a revolver. No fiddle-fartin around with slides/safeties/mags/is there one in the pipe/etc......JUST PICK IT UP AND START SQUEEZIN....
The Founders DID anticipate that arms technology would advance, that's why the 2nd amendment doesn't say "the right to keep and bear a musket".......
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This is how sick these demorats are! A mother defends herself and her children in HER home, and NBC wants to criminalize her! She shot his 5 what, she should have shot him 20 times! How DARE you break into my home and threaten my children! To all these gun-grabbn libs, I almost would hope something would happen to one of them, making them a victim or making them be helpless while someone they love is victimized! Let me know how that cell phone or home phone 911 call is doing for you while you or your wifes' being murdered, raped or both!

Here's an idea, you're sleeping real nice in your warm beddy-by next to your lovely wife. About 3am you hear a noise, or what you think is a noise. You wake and sit up, thinking to yourself, "Did I hear something, what was that?" You sit there listening and you hear something again. You get out of bed and head down the hallway to the stairwell to see what the noise is, because someone breaking into YOUR home, is the farthest thing from your mind, because that wouldn't happen to your neighborhood, THE POLICE ARE AT EVERY CORNER TO PROTECT YOU, REMEMBER As you're walking through the house to where you think the noise came from, maybe the see a persons silouette and you freeze for a second, in SHOCK! Maybe you have enough time to yell out to your family, maybe you don't...You turn around and run back upstairs to your wife and children! You lock your master bedroom door and grab the home phone to call 911; there's no dial-tone...the lines been cut??? You grab your cell phone, hopefully you keep it in your bedroom and not on the charger in the kitchen As you call 911, you get the operator asking:
is this an emergency?
whats the nature of your emergency?
what city please?
hold please while I transfer you
Local PD, whats' the emergency?
Does the intruder have a weapon, how many are there, what do they look like, what are they wearing, whats your address again, I'm sorry what was your name? Do you have a weapon?
Officers are on the way, please stay on the line.
The first cop gets to your house, but he's alone, no backup yet, dept policy is that they must wait for back-up. Finally, a 2nd cop has arrived, now they can proceed.

After all of this, maybe your wife or daughter/s haven't been raped while you were stabbed or worst forced to watch, because there's a good chance that maybe the intruder wasn't alone...and the police got there while the intruders waited for them. OR maybe this terrible scenario has happened, because YOU think no one should have firearms!

If you had firearms AND TRAINING...this could have been prevented! When a person comes into MY home uninvited, he/she gave up their rights at the threshold! When seconds count the police are MINUTES away! No one should have any firearms WITHOUT training. Simply going to your local firearms store and buying a firearm is just as dangerous as the intruder in my opinion. You have to get training BEFORE you bring a firearm into your life and you must have a SECURE way to protect it.
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