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silverado113 08-30-2012 03:44 PM

Bystander saves a cop in Baton Rouge
Another bad guy put down.

AIKIJUTSU 08-31-2012 12:20 PM

Good for him. The cops "stopped short of saying the guy saved the officer's life". I hope that doesn't mean they won't support him if somebody decides to prosecute or sue him.

RichNH 09-01-2012 01:24 AM

The guy attacking the cop took 5 bullets to the abdomen, 4 from someone other than the cop he was attacking and still refused to stop attacking him? This guy must have been high on something, or totally out of his mind.

Vikingdad 09-01-2012 03:59 AM

They left out the most important information, that of the race of all three. Oh, wait. I guess that means they were all the same race. Probably white. Move along. No media spectacle here.

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