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Hightide 10-27-2012 06:28 PM

Used Guns
Musing rant here....How do people trash their guns? Having recently spent time in a lot of my local gun shops and gun shows, and looking at lots of used guns, I have to ask, what is it that people do with their guns? The used gun market looks like a pile of scrap metal. Speaking primarily of handguns (not outdoor hunting rifles), I cannot imagine what it takes to put a non service weapon in the kinds of condition that I see! I have revolvers and pistols which I have owned and shot for 35 years that are in great shape. I just clean them after use and put them in a $5-$10 gun rug. However, the majority of marketed used guns that I see look like someone has been pounding nails with them! I don't even know what would wear grips and finishes the way I see them at shows or in cases. I would think you would have to leave them out in the back yard in the snow for a few months, or maybe a submerged in Coca Cola! I am just curious, not only as to why people let their firearms get into that kind of shape....but how?

Sniper03 10-27-2012 08:35 PM


I know exactly what you mean. And in reality they take very little care in the long run to keep them looking good and in great firing conditions for years. As you probably do, at least once a year I get all of mine out and run a lubed patch through the bore and the surface and then dry off the excess. Probably like you, I grew up knowing guns did not come easy since they cost money which was very tight or non existent most of the time. As a usually I try my best to take care of everything that I am thankful to have. From my Grandfathers 1890 Winchester 22 Short Pump Rifle that his dad bought for him when he was 12 YOA. to the Fox Sterlingworth 20 ga. Shotgun that Grandad gave $37.50 for back in the day as well as the newer stuff I am blesses to have. Bottom line is I respect my weapons and those you are speaking about do not. They rather have so much money that they do not care or they are irresponsible individuals and probably not only with their weapons. It is probably the same with everything in their life. As I said, good weapons actually take very little care as long as you keep them clean and in a dry place. And as you in a protective case if out of a safe which has dehumidifier units in it. Desiccant pouches are also good for gun rugs or cases. When I see a good weapon with rust on them as well as in the bore and it freaks me out! It is hard for me to believe the condition they were allowed to be in.
Enough said!


Axxe55 10-27-2012 08:59 PM

personally i think it speaks volumes of a person's character. if they treat their firearms in this manner, they probably treat all their valuables this way. more than likely they probably fail to do preventative maintenance on their vehicle as well. if i spend money on a firearm, a lawn mower, a truck or a tool, i dang sure intend on taking care of it. money to me is hard earned, so anything i spend it on, gets taken care of, so it lasts as long as possible. even used items i buy get the utmost in care as well. many things i have bought used are in better condition than when i bought them.

racer_x 10-27-2012 09:06 PM

I second axxe55 it sure does speak volumes of ones character.

Axxe55 10-27-2012 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by racer_x (Post 992231)
I second axxe55 it sure does speak volumes of ones character.

my father had a theory. that if you looked at the condition of a person's vehicle and the care they took of it, it was probably a good indicator of how they took care of most of their belongings.

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