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redraif 07-01-2013 08:52 PM

New to cleaning. Safest product & technique to remove factory packing grease?
Thank you in advance.

I have been searching and studying. My dad taught me to shoot, but never taught me how to clean. Heck I never even saw him clean a gun. He did not even teach me car stuff that was self taught.

I finally made the plunge and bought the guns I have been wanting for quite a while. After we got broke into it seemed it was no longer prudent to put off home protection. Especially when two 70# dogs and a monitored alarm did not dissuade the idiots. Then the cops sent my 70 year old mother, who is half crippled using a walker, before they even swept the outside, let alone the inside, to verify the crooks were gone. So there goes my faith in them to protect me. But I digress...

So I have purchased 2 Beretta 90-twos, a Beretta compact px4, a Beretta cx4 and a Walther p22. The spouse got a Glock 23 & Sig mosquito.



After reading, I was just going to use brakleen non clorinated as I read a lot recommend, but all these guns have so much polymer plastic on them. The walther has a factory coated finish on the plastic body and one of the 90-twos has been fully duracoated. I was worried the plastic would be discolored or damaged by the brake cleaner. So I remembered someone said simple green, but I was not sure how well it would breakdown the grease and flush it out. So i figured i would be better with a cleaner/degreaser made for guns, so I also grabbed hoppes degreaser/cleaner and gun scrubber. I will return whatever I don't need. And if it will work I'm totally fine with the simple green.

Which would be the safest to use? I can get simple green if its the safest.*
Where all do you spray the degreaser?*
How far down do you break the gun down?
Do you just remove the slide and spray the cleaner in the slides components and down into the trigger's mechanisms?*
Do I need to clean the barrel and with what? Spray it only since no crude to remove, or run a brush or a patch thru it? I have my otis kit on the way...but I got 2 bore snakes in the interim...

Sorry but I have no gun friends and when the ffl mentioned his guy who teaches shooting... I said no I need to be taught to clean. They handed me some tiny little bottle of breakfree clp and a nylon brush and said use this. Someone is missing the point here and I gave up. Figured I would fare better reading here.

Sorry for the zillion questions I just want to do it the right way!*

Missouribound 07-03-2013 09:17 PM

Hobbes, Remington "Rem-oil" and Break Free are the chemicals I use. Those with a cleaning kit and a bore-snake are what I use on everything.
Take the pistols down as per mfg. instructions and clean everything you can reach with rags, toothbrush and if you have compressed air, that is fine as well. If you clean them often enough you will avoid accumulation. Never over oil, just enough to give the moving parts a "wet look", never dripping. There are a ton of online videos which show the proper cleaning technique. Not all will be the same. Manuals for each gun should show where to oil and how to take down. Just take your time for each gun and enjoy yourself.

sunsoutgunsout 07-10-2013 04:30 PM

I just use the hoppes 9 solvant and lubricating oil, and I think it works great for what I need. I like to use old socks, tshirts etc. Keep it all cause its alot cheaper than rags. Just dampen your cloth and go over everything, q-tips work great for nooks and crannies. Make sure you dry off excess oils! As for the lubricating oil, that works great for all metal finishes (appearently wood finishes too) use it in the barrel after the solvant, use just a little bit and remove excess lubricant aswell. The lubricant is also a protectant from rust which i why its good for exterior metal finished aswell. As for moving parts like the bolt, put little amounts using a q-tip and remove the excess, not all however for obvious reasons (allow smooth movents). I've never cleaned handguns before, but i think the idea would still apply. If im wrong with any information, let me know so i can clean my rifles properly! This is just what i do! Hope it helps!

spottedpony 07-10-2013 06:20 PM

Hoppes #9, break free, Sweets for copper fouling. pieces of cotton rags, an old toothbrush and q-tips. Bronze brush the bore good with hoppes, patch saturated with hoppies, dry patch x 2 or 3, repeat as necessary. then sweets saturated patch, if it comes out green brush the bore with sweets, patch saturated a couple of times, dry patch til patches come out clean, repeat as needed.
For all other surfaces, breakfree on a tootbrush, q-tip or what ever work, scrub, wipe with a dry cotton rag, or q-tip, again what ever works best, for internal parts, or hard to reach areas, a q-tip sprayed with breakfree to lube those areas, large external areas such as barrels, actions, recievers, breakfree on a cotton rag and wipe them down.

redraif 07-11-2013 01:12 PM

Thank you everyone. Now I just have to get my nerve up and watch some vids on disassembling my particular guns...

sunsoutgunsout 07-11-2013 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by redraif (Post 1301382)
Thank you everyone. Now I just have to get my nerve up and watch some vids on disassembling my particular guns...

I know what you mean, put a big dip in and crack a cold one haha

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