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lbwar15 01-29-2013 11:24 PM

Kimber customer service
Considering buying a kimber eclipse custom 2 in 10mm. But before I spend $1,300 I would like to know how there customer service is.

lbwar15 01-30-2013 03:03 AM


jgoertz 01-30-2013 01:19 PM

Don't know: never had any problems with my two Kimbers.

Stillersfan 01-30-2013 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by jgoertz (Post 1116220)
Don't know: never had any problems with my two Kimbers.

Me either ... :D

GeneralPatton 01-31-2013 03:05 PM

I dealt with their customer service once. I had an old TLE/RL II 1911. It was the original version with the external extractor. Lots of people complained about having FTE issues with the external extractor, and after a while Kimber decided to do away with it and go back to internal. I so happen to have the external model. I had experienced a few issues in the first 1000 rounds and was kinda pissed about it, but I bought it back in 2004-2005 or so so I figured I was SOL. I called customer service to "inquire" about it, and they told me if I was having an issue with the extraction they'd give me an RMA# to send it back and they would replace the slide and install the new internal extractor for free. I asked how long that offer was good for, to which they said the lifetime of the gun. I never replaced it, as after I did a reliability job to it most of the extraction issues subsided. That and there were people out there that specifically wanted the external version. I paid $999 for it new all those years ago, and sold it a few weeks ago for $900. Loosing 10% after all those years wasn't to bad. I just had that little thought in the back of my mind that the gun did occasionally FTE and I couldn't deal with the possibility of that happening if it was my carry gun. I think they used to make an excellent product, but it seems to have become less custom and more mass production over the years, yet the price of the gun remains where it was when they were a true custom shop.

Gundog55 05-03-2013 05:43 PM

I had a Kimber Tactical Pro II that I absolutely loved. I had a wife like that too....until she cheated on me that is. My Kimber fit my hand perfectly, was a thing of beauty, dead nuts on for accuracy but just like my first wife suttle signs of treason began to pop up. First was the time when the shell ejected, turned 180 degrees and reinserted into the chamber mouth facing aft. Now that's one malfunction I haven't practiced before. Then there was the double firing, which was interesting and improved my score at Front Sight but I would of preferred a Select Fire switch given the choice.
Now for the sake of full disclosure I had a gun smith put a different trigger in but this was after the extraction issue and I didn't replace the spring until 1200 rounds instead of the 800 round mark.
While at Front Sight the Gun Smith there felt it may of been an extractor issue so I had him replace that so I could continue the course. It didn't work, it still double fired but I qualified Distinguished none the less.
Upon returning home I called Kimber who had me send the gun back. They later called me and told me that the frame was cracked. I asked how it was going to dealt with and he told me "Because you replaced the trigger with a "Non-Kimber" part it voided the warranty". We established the fact that we both knew that was lawyer BS since a trigger on a 1911 would not cause any of the symptoms that the gun was experiencing. Then he told me it was because of the spring not being replaced until 1200 rounds and said "If you had a Lamborghini and didn't change oil until 3000 miles instead of the required 2000 it would. void the warranty." That is when I told him "I didn't think I was buying a picky Italian sports car. I thought I was buying something along the lines of a Dodge Diesel 4X4 that would keep me alive when things got down and dirty in a gun fight." He went on to tell me that "Several Special OPS teams use our guns". That's when I told him that they are screwed when to comes to clearing the malfunctions that his gun will give them because it is as dependable as a 16 year old girl." I asked him what is Kimber going to do to make this right?" He offers to sell me a new gun at cost, $650. I asked why not just stamp the same serial number on a new frame and sell me the frame at cost? He refused. I told him I would call him back in a few days because I don't make decisions when I'm angry.
I bought the gun, sold it for $1150 and bought a Glock 23Gen4 and am waiting for it. I don't "Like" Glocks but after thinking about it I realized I was emotionally involved with 1911's. My Dad was a Naval Small Arms instructor and 1911's were all I knew. The designer was a genius but the design is over 100 years old and I had to let go of the past and embrace the present if I wanted to stay alive in a gun fight. I have heard from several people that Kimber has lost quality control since going large scale production. As I said, I loved the way it felt and shot but just like a 16 year old girl they are nice to look at but will get you in deep trouble if you play with them.

kirbinster 05-03-2013 09:50 PM

I've got a Kimber Eclipse Custom II .45acp that I bought used and it has the external extractor. I had a few FTE issues and the gun smith at my dealer called them about it. He told them what the problem was and they told him the parts were listed on the web page. He told them he checked and they were not. They put him on hold for a couple of minutes and verified that he was correct but they do stock them. They send him a new extractor, spring and two other small items, there was no charge for the parts. Had them in two days and he installed in about five minutes and the gun has worked perfectly ever since.

rhyno13 05-03-2013 09:58 PM

I doubt very seriously if you will ever have the need to call their customer support, I never have and I own two Kimbers.

Doc3402 05-03-2013 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by lbwar15 (Post 1115545)
Considering buying a kimber eclipse custom 2 in 10mm. But before I spend $1,300 I would like to know how there customer service is.

I had a Pro Crimson Carry II. After three trips back for repairs that only made things worse I asked for and received a refund. Of the eight months I owned that gun Kimber had it for 5 of them.

GeneralPatton 05-04-2013 04:41 PM

I think the important thing to remember here is that you'll mostly find negative experiences posted. I'm in no way defending Kimber, as I will not likely ever own another because I find them excessively overpriced for what you get but I just wanted the OP to remember that people typically only share negative issues that stick in their mind


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