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Ara 05-22-2013 10:09 PM

M&P 22 pistol
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Hello all

I just picked up my 1st m&p pistol. After a thorough cleaning, I took it to the range today.

I was using the Winchester 555 block of .22lr ammo (36 gr). The gun was continuously jamming. Out of 200+ rounds, I got we'll over 15 ftf, fte, and the empty casing kept getting stuck in the barrel.

This is my 1st .22 and I'm not sure if Its using error or there something genuinely wrong with the pistol.

Is this pistol sensitive to ammo? Is there a particular types of ammo that I need to use?

Here's a picture of the stuck casing.

Any suggestions is highly appreciated.



Kilgore 05-23-2013 06:42 PM

I don't think your gun is sensitive to ammo, it's just sensitive to crappy ammo. FTF and FTE is very common with this ammo, especially in a semi. I'm sure if you use CCI Minimags, Federal bulk, or most any other high velocity ammo it will shoot like a champ.

keeter1911 05-25-2013 03:46 PM

I own 2 M&P 22's that we shoot quite a bit. Over on another Forum the ftf, fte and double feed issues were discussed at length and most problems seemed to be ammo related. From what you described, my guess is that it is probably the ammo. I bought both of my M&P 22's from my local gun shop on the same day. One of their old time hands told me when I bought them to shoot high velocity loads through them or that I might have the problems that you described and depict in the photo. This, mind you, was before I had even heard of the issues on the other forum. I thought that he was just trying to sell me some high dollar ammo. I had a couple of hundred rounds of Remington Golden Boy 36 grain and went an bought another brick of the same from Walmart. I suffered the same problems although the problem did get a little better after shooting up that 700 rounds or so and after a couple more cleanings. Now I shoot CCI Mini Mags, Wnchester Super X High Velocity 40 Grain, etc. through mine and no longer suffer the problems. I have never had an ftf, fte, or a double feed on any of the Winchester High Velocity 40 grain. Mind you, I clean the pistol after about every 250 rounds or so.

Ara 05-26-2013 03:46 AM

I was able to find 150 rds of Winchester super x high velocity 22's.
I cleaned the pistol and took it to the range today. The gun functioned flawlessly. Zero FTF, zero Ftf.
Thank you all for the great tips.

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