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Rocky7 03-02-2014 03:54 AM

RCMP prohibit more guns
Now, it's the CZ858 and Swiss Arms carbine - both just announced by the RCMP to be "prohibited" and owners must surrender same for destruction.

I don't think that's going to happen.

blackxpress 03-02-2014 10:03 AM

I thought the Canadian government was starting to wise up after the long gun registry debacle. Guess I was wrong about that. So sad that such a beautiful country is being ruined by liberal idiots. Too bad the US can't learn from our neighbor's mistakes.

JetDriver 03-04-2014 11:28 PM

No words can express how angry I am.

I am looking for a copy of a letter to send to several MPs. Rocky? Anyone?

Not good at letter writing, worse at phone calls.

Rocky7 03-04-2014 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by JetDriver (Post 1522219)
No words can express how angry I am.

I am looking for a copy of a letter to send to several MPs. Rocky? Anyone?


Dear legislators:

re: RCMP bans of Swiss Arms carbine and CZ858 rifles

When you ducked your responsibilities as elected lawmakers and delegated to a police organization the power and discretion to make these decisions for you and to write laws for you, what did you think would happen? When you passed, and then adopted, irrational gun laws called the Firearms Act knowing full well those laws were based on fearmongering rather than facts, what did you think would happen?

When you put yourselves out of the controversy by punting these issues to a bureaucracy, did you really not know that we would pay a price for your weakness? That our democracy would pay?

Almost all of you have much to answer for and much that needs correction, but please don't insult our intelligence by pretending to be surprised.

Yours truly,


Dear Prime Minister Harper;

I think we can agree, the recent firearm reclassification fiasco has caused much embarrassment to the Conservative Government of Canada and damaged its loyal Conservative support base. Unbelievably, after the RCMP was publically admonished in the House of Commons by your Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney, the RCMP turned around and DID IT AGAIN by prohibiting a second type of rifle! I honestly can not believe their audacity!

Initially, I was happy to see Minister Blaney announce an amnesty to begin to address this bureaucratic miscarriage of justice by the RCMP. And then I got to thinking what the term 'amnesty' actually means. Here is what I found;
Amnesty by definition
1. a general pardon for offenses, especially political offenses, against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction.
2. an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.
3. a forgetting or overlooking of any past offense.

Prime Minister Harper, how ironic is it that I need an amnesty to prevent the RCMP from seizing my private property and charging me with possession of a prohibited firearm, not to mention that I would face three years in prison, WHEN I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!

I think it is abundantly clear to you now that there is only one acceptable fix for this situation, the Firearms Act must be rescinded BEFORE the next election. Nothing short of this will make me happy OR see me vote Conservative in the next election. Promises of future fixes will not cut it! Sweeping legislative changes must be enacted to recognize the rights of Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.

There can be NO COMPROMISE!

I remain, a Conservative voter for now...


Can be found on websites like Canadian GunNutz here:

(you might have to sign up at GunNutz to view those pages? It's free.)

Have at 'er!

Take no prisoners. :mad:

JetDriver 03-04-2014 11:41 PM

I'm on there as well. Just didn't feel like wading through it (but thanks for the direct link!!).

Thanks, Rocky :)

Rocky7 03-04-2014 11:47 PM

No problem.

A LOT of people are pi$$ed. That's good - maybe this time we'll all stand up and speak up. We deserve a helluva lot better than we've been getting on the gun business, bud.

In order to correct this, we are going to have to all be willing to get off the couch, roll up our sleeves, write letters, etc. and donate some $$. No offence, but that's the way it is. There's them that do and there's them that talk. We need to do.

If I can help any more, let me know, K? It's important.

JetDriver 03-05-2014 01:04 AM

The letter to Harper works for me, with a couple minor tweaks.

Feel free to post something else I can send to my MP (and Blaney, and a couple others).

I can't find my login info for CGN or I would go there myself. Don't want to have to reset everything.

Rocky7 03-05-2014 01:35 AM

In reply to the following.

On Mar 3, 2014, at 12:31, "Cheryl Gallant" <> wrote:

Dear AOWM,

Last week, we learned of the decision made by the RCMP to reclassify rifles imported from Switzerland.

Last fall, I tabled Motion M-452 in the House of Commons calling on our government to establish a permanent “Firearms Experts Technical Committee” to oversee such things as firearms reclassifications and other changes to the Firearms Act that have a direct effect on stakeholders.

In June, I asked responsible firearms owners to co-sign my letter to the Minister of Public Safety calling for a moratorium on the RCMP’s ability to reclassify firearms.

On Friday, the Minister wrote to Canadians about this matter stating “I want to assure you all options are on the table to fix this situation. I will also be taking steps to make sure this never happens again.”

The time for action is now. The solution is clear. Support M-452 and establish an immediate moratorium.

Please, sign my e-petition to support M-452 at

Cheryl Gallant

Constituency Address
84 Isabella St.
Pembroke, ON, K8A 5S5
Parliamentary Address
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6


Dear Cheryl Gallant,

I am opposed to and will not sign your petition in support of M-452. The problem is not who is administering the discriminatory and unjust Firearms Act. The problem IS the discriminatory and unjust Firearms Act and its criminal code provisions.

What you are proposing is a sideways move, obviously meant to appease the parties who have been continually and ever increasingly wronged due to the discriminatory and unjust Firearms Act since its inception.

Furthermore, your proposal is only a solution for a government that does not want to deal with the problem and is hoping that a non-solution such as what you are proposing will dupe the misinformed into believing that something is being done.

I and Canadian gun owners expect a whole lot better. We expect that if it is your desire to represent us, the acceptable solution will be to REPEAL the discriminatory and unjust Firearms Act and its criminal code provisions.

While it is rather obvious that you and the Conservative government are reluctant to take this necessary step to deal with a long-standing injustice, I must emphasize that it is indeed a necessary step. It is necessary because those who oppose repealing the discriminatory and unjust Firearms Act will never vote or support the Conservative brand in any way, while those who do support repealing the discriminatory and unjust Firearms Act will have no reason to support the Conservatives if it is not taken. In practical terms, it really makes no difference whether firearms owners suffer a Liberal government that champions the act and instructs the authorities to enforce it or a Conservative government that apologizes for the act and allows the authorities to enforce it.

I would suggest that you and the Conservative government consider this situation very carefully if retaining a majority mandate through the next election is desired, as it will not be accomplished without the support of two million licensed firearms owners and possibly another two million more who have been made criminals because they have refused to comply with the onerous requirements of this discriminatory and unjust act.

Do your duty. Support your base and return justice to the legal system.


Right Hon PM Stephen Harper
Hon Steven Blaney
MP Garry Breitkreuz
MP Blaine Calkins
MP LaVar Payne
MP Justin Trudeau
NFA President Sheldon Clare

Rocky7 03-05-2014 01:47 AM

Another one
Hello MP [name]:

I've been meaning to send you a letter for a while, but it wasn't until today that I am finally getting around to it for a specific reason. Just a little history on myself, I live in [town/city], and have had a firearms license for a year now, so I am a relatively new gun owner. I'm not a rural Canadian. I also hold libertarian principles and believe in the right to self defense and the use of firearms for such a purpose.

The reason I've decided to write you now is because of recent actions by the RCMP, reclassifying a number of firearms from non-restricted and restricted, directly to prohibited status. Most of us firearms owners see this as the conversion of an otherwise law-abiding citizen to a criminal overnight... well, at least as of 10:00p EST on February 26th. I am personally not an owner of any of the firearms in question, but I believe if I don't speak up, this unfortunate incident is just going to get swept under the rug. This issue affects all firearms owners and has shaken our trust in the RCMP and the current government.

We question whether the decision was actually made in the name of public safety. Going back to the enactment of the Firearms Act itself, there are a lot of questions regarding whether anything in this act is actually in the best interest of public safety. There have been studies by John Lott, Don Bates, Gary Mauser and the Center for Disease Control that show the benefit of not saddling law-abiding firearms owners with ineffective restrictions.

Callin Langmann, PhD at McMaster University, Division of Emergency Medicine, wrote a paper in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence titled "Canadian Firearms Legislation and Effects on Homicide 1974 to 2008". This is an important study to consider as Langmann's study failed to demonstrate a beneficial association between legislation and firearm homicide rates between the years the study covers.

Going back to the issue of reclassification, the rifle in question was the Swiss Arms Classic Green, which I believe is a standard issue firearm to Swiss citizens. This firearm was used in the commission of exactly zero crimes. Being classified as prohibited, this $3000 to $4000 rifle is now subject to confiscation (or theft by government if you want to look at it another way) without compensation. This works out to an estimated $4 million to $7 million in firearms that either have to be surrendered for destruction, or sold to someone with a 12.x classification on their firearms license, or a firearms business, in which case, they can only resell to 12.x license holders, which highly limits their commercial value, lest they be exported to the US (which may not be allowed).

As you may have gathered, the long gun registry is not the most important issue to me. It was just another step in treating the law abiding like criminals. But it was just that. Another step. The Firearms Act, nearly in its entirety essentially treats me, and all other firearms owners in Canada like a criminal. It is clear in Section 91 that the only reason we are not criminals is because of a piece of plastic in my wallet. This is only the start of the issues.

Keep in mind, I am using the word "criminal". I cannot stress this enough. Would you want to be treated like a criminal due to lack of sufficient paper for property, or accidentally forgetting to submit a renewal, or worse yet, the CFO took too long to process your paperwork? Maybe the rivet fell loose in your magazine turning it into a prohibited device and you as its owner, into a criminal. A criminal subject to penalties worse than rapists and murderers. Worse in that not only does it subject the law abiding to 3 years in prison, it also burdens them with a criminal record. Is this how the government wishes to treat us?

The reclassifications on February 26 also demonstrates another major issue with the act. RCMP have the power to create criminals. To give the law enforcement division of the government the power to create criminals is not only a massive conflict of interest, it is encroaching on tyrannical. This is what we have to deal with, long gun registry or not. The only thing the LGR did was allow the RCMP to find where the non restricted rifles were so they can knock on doors and take them. There is still the restricted firearms registry which would cause the same grief for myself and others. Registration leading to confiscation? Yup. At this point it is hard to convince me otherwise.

The thing that scares me the most about this is that I own firearms that have been singled out by opposition parties for reclassification, mainly to prohibited. This includes handguns, bullpup firearms and semi-auto firearms. These 3 categories account for over half of my personal firearms collection. Not a single one would be used to compromise public safety. I'm uncomfortable with our current firearms legislation, and I fear that come next election, the Conservatives won't be able to hold a majority any more.

Frankly, I'm not sure who to vote for other than maybe the Libertarian Party. The Conservatives are barely standing up for firearms owners. They aren't acting on the promises of harper to repeal C-68. I see more garbage from the RCMP, the CFC and CFOs. I am beginning to lose confidence not just in the Conservatives, but the Canadian government as a whole. The Firearms Act is essentially the ultimate distrust in Canadian citizens. How can I continue to trust a government that does not trust its citizens?

I hope this message finds you well. I would really like you to consider what I've written. There are other MPs like Cheryl Gallant that are diligently trying to support us firearms owners. Can I count on you continue the fight for us?


JetDriver 03-05-2014 03:32 AM

Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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