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TrueNorth 03-17-2012 02:45 AM

Canadian Market SHTF Rifles
A well discussed topic in other forums, but I want to hear a more Canadian voice on the issue. What are your thoughts for a SHTF rifle for Canadians?

Obviously the SKS and CZ858 are two popular choices, is anyone aware of any others that are a) affordable, b) common, c) non-restricted, or restricted if you want. d) remember to think about calibre and mag restrictions. Ie since high caps can't be done, is it better to go for more powerful rounds to compensate?

Ak's are basically impossible to get, and AR's are problematic up here, so the typical US responses don't always hold true because of our laws.

Anyone have any ideas?

kaido 03-17-2012 03:28 AM

I won't lie, I was gonna suggest the SKS winces its fairly cheep

kaido 03-17-2012 03:31 AM

I won't lie, I was going to suggest the SKS. Reason being is that it's cheap and with some SP rounds I'm sure it would knock a man down with out an issue.

I don't know of a whole lot of good SHTF rifles really, one that does come to mind though is also more of a carbine. (I think?)

From the bit that I've read, a Mares leg in 44 mag would probably put a good hurt on someone if it really came to it. Even though it's a lever action, you could get a pretty quick follow up shot off with some training.

TrueNorth 03-18-2012 12:55 AM

Good thing about levers is that you get no magazine limits, and you can shoot fairly fast if you need to. Always something to consider.

kaido 03-19-2012 07:06 AM

Exactly, you'd just need some practice. Bu that's with anything, even driving or riding a bike.

mississaugagunnut 09-24-2012 10:48 AM

Norinco M305 is my choice. Hard hitting, non restricted, and reliable. Oh, did I mention cheap to purchase?

kaido 09-24-2012 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by mississaugagunnut
Norinco M305 is my choice. Hard hitting, non restricted, and reliable. Oh, did I mention cheap to purchase?

I never even though about the M305. You could also reload for that to make sure your stocked up and tailor for the best accuracy. I just picked up an SKS and 1000 rounds for about $400.00 in total and it works flawlessly. It not going to make any records as far as distance shots, but with in 400 yards its more then capable.

therewolf 09-24-2012 04:19 PM

IMO, you couldn't do better than an SKS for poo-fanning.

A robust, well made, reliable carbine, that's self-contained,

and complete. Fires a punchy round that's inexpensive.

kaido 09-24-2012 04:32 PM

Aside from other military issues rifles, I don't think you can get much better either. The 7.62x39 round is one that seems to be almost feared by a lot of people. Front what I've seen and read it can punch through a good amount of different covers, including cinder blocks out to a reasonable distance.

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