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1proudAmerican 02-01-2013 12:29 PM

PRO gun rally in Olimpia Feb 08,2013
Hey everyone please help spread the word about the pro gun rally on Friday Feb 08 2013. It is in Olympia same as before at the tivoli fountain/ capitol building. It is scheduled to start at 10 am and is a nationwide event

The previous rally(19th) we had about 2000 + people despite the short notice, this time we had a little more time to get the word out. This is important people !!! The time is now to stand up and be heard.:D

Just as last time this is a peaceful event with a goal of having responsible gun owners showing their support for the 2nd amendment and the constitution in a peaceful,positive, and proactive way. :D

The image we portray is of the utmost importance, so please don't show up ready for battle or all decked in camo. But rather come to represent gun owners in a positive and productive way. Might i add that my AK perfectly compliments my business suit, but business casual is also appropriate as well as jean and a nice shirt or?? Yes you can open carry, concealed if licensed or even sling a rifle apropriattly. Just please dont show up looking like the "lunatic fringe militia " the media tries to portray us as.:eek:

Thousands have died for the rights we enjoy, the least we can do is show up and present our perspectives to all that will listen. Also it gives a chance to meet like minded people and hang out , maybe gather some useful info and make a showing that we are PASSIONATE about our rights and freedoms, we will stand united and strong, however peacefully at this point to be heard.If nothing more great- but hopefully it surpasses that.:D

Once again i stress that image is everything, do not bring negativity:mad: to this event , it will cause irreparable harm to the cause.. But please spread the word and do what you can to help this be a huge success.

I was at the previous rally and hope for this one to be much bigger despite it being on Friday. It is so that the legislators can witness first hand the strength in our beliefs! I will be at this event as well with my son and as many friends as i can convince. Please help with your attendance. there is some info on facebook . look up 2nd right, gun rights across america, there are other groups as well, but to my dismay they seem to be bickering about credits, rather than working together as a team.

COME ON PEOPLE we are up against a professional community organizer and his minions here we must stand united for our Freedom, Future and Country. Im teeching my son to take a stand and not be a sheeple whats your position?

Check out the info and other stuff you tube, facebook etc for ideas for signage etc. Im not an organizer but a citizen that will not piss on the graves of my forefathers by letting this happen without taking a stand.

I hope to see 20,000 strong representing Real American Values!!!! For Freedom, I thank you.:cool:

1proudAmerican 02-04-2013 05:04 PM

here are some links with info, please help any way you can!!!.

I am under the impression that good focus speakers are needed but contact 2nd rights through the link if you can help by any means, or if not at least pass the word and try to show up !!! This is important!!! Fight for your Freedom, anything less and you will not have it.......

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