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bravemaina 06-16-2009 08:47 PM

What model and make is this revolver?
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Hi everyone! I'm new here and that's my fist post. I have a revolver that's been in my family for the last 5 generations (including me) since the 1903 (according to my grand father's accounts). The gun is in great shape it hasn't been used since the beggining of the 20th century when my grand father's grandfather used it during a Bulgarian rebelion against the Ottoman Empire. However, I have no idea what make and model the gun is.. so here are some pics.. Hope any of you could know.. Thanks

Oh btw there is an inscription on the side of the revolver MINISTERO DELL'INTERNO PUBBLICA SICUREZZA and the coat of arms of Italy.. I guess the gun was used by some state security officials..??

spittinfire 06-16-2009 08:54 PM

I honestly have no idea. Interesting piece though, thanks for sharing the pics. I'm sure someone who can be of more assistance will be along shortly.

Oh,and welcome to the forum!

Dillinger 06-16-2009 08:56 PM

Welcome to the Forum - My Spanish sucks, and the Interwebz wasn't much help, but it appears to have something to do with the Minister of the Interior ( ?? )

Asmel and Francisco are two members from down in South America, they might be better able to tell you a bit more about the translation:


As for the pistol itself, it appears to be an Italian copy of several models available about that time. I am sure someone here knows something about it.

I will fire off a couple of PM's to our revolver guys...


Franciscomv 06-16-2009 10:25 PM

JD, that's not Spanish. It's Italian. "Ministero Dell'Interno" means "Ministry of the Interior" and "Pubblica Sicurezza" probably stands for "Dipartimento Della Pubblica Sicurezza" which means "Department of Public Safety".

I don't know how things work in Italy, but in my country and some others national police forces depend from the ministry of interior. So it could be a police issue gun?

It certainly looks quite interesting, and I've got the nagging feeling that I've seen one of these before...

Franciscomv 06-16-2009 10:56 PM

I knew I'd seen one before!

It's a Bodeo revolver. Invented by Italian gunsmith Carlo Bodeo (from Naples) and adopted by the army and police forces to replace the older Chamelot-Delvigne adopted in 1874. The Bodeo, patented in December 1886, was adopted as "Pistola a Rotazione Sistem Bodeo, Modello 1889".

It served for a very long time, up until the start of WW II when it started to be replaced by Beretta semiautomatic pistols.

It was chambered in 10,35mm.

There were three versions: the first one had no trigger guard and was known as "troop revolver", the second version was made from 1891 onwards and was known as "officer's revolver" it had a trigger guard, and finally there was a "reduced" or "compact" version which had a shorter round barrel (this is the type you have).

It was manufactured by lots of factories, from the Regia Fábrica de Armas de Brescia to the Castelli, MIDA, Glisenti, Beretta and Bernardelli factories among others. During WW I some were made in Eibar (Pais Vasco, Spain).

The troops called them "coscia d'agnello" (lamb's leg).

Here's a pic of a Spanish made "troop revolver" Bodeo (no trigger guard and hexagonal barrell). Yours is in fantastic shape.

bravemaina 06-17-2009 05:04 AM

Oh, wow! Thanks guys.. That was fast! To be frank I suspected that the revolver was Italian (due to the inscription and coat of arms) but I couldn't find any more info in neither books nor the net.. I was hoping to find anything like a logo of the manufacturer or at least some monograms.. however even after a thorough look.. I found only the L imprint and serial number on the revolver.. (they are easily seen on the pics)..

Thanks for the info Franciscomv..


ps.. I should have taken photos of the Walter and the Luger (from the 1910s) to put here too.. :(

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