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rugernut 12-02-2011 02:07 AM

Is A three in gp100 as good as. The 4 and 6 in
Was wanting to no because I was thinking about purchasing one of those

TimKS 12-02-2011 02:11 AM

Sight plane on a 6" is twice as long as on a 3". I like my 6's. :D

rugernut 12-02-2011 02:44 AM

I've got a six in two it is the the most acurit And relible gun I've got but I was thinking about getting one because it would quite abit smaller and liter

sweeper22 12-02-2011 03:34 AM

Nothing but one shooter's opinion-

If I want a 4-6" 357 revolver, I sure do like the GP100. If I'm to get any smaller than that, I'll go ahead and go with the SP101. Basically it's just a mini GP100, but scaled down throughout to make it more compact for carry. Still plenty big for the average guy to get 100% of his hand around though.

Try the grip on each and take into consideration your own intended use (carry, range, hunting sidearm, etc). From my own perspective, I'd see little use in going shorter than 4" for anything but carry...hence the SP101 preference in my case.

rsfrid 12-02-2011 04:01 PM

^ Yeah, what he said. I like my 6" but wouldn't want to fire 357 in a short barrel.

Clem 12-06-2011 01:37 PM

I really like adjustable sights. My 4” and 6” GP100s have those. The 3” GP100 and SP101 don’t. It makes for a pretty easy decision for me, but just to add a degree of difficulty, I added J frame sights to the SP101. Now it really is a mini-GP100.

TimKS 12-06-2011 02:13 PM

I didn't mean to make it sound like a 6" barrel is the only option. Heck, I like my Ruger LCR in .357 mag. too, but I can shoot more accurately with the 100's 6" barrel at extended ranges. Up close & personal I'd rather have the LCR.

ninjatoth 12-06-2011 09:32 PM

The 6" and 4.2" barrels will give you in the ballpark of what the ammo you buy says on the box for velocity and energy etc,a 3" barrel drops all those numbers,you start losing alot of velocity and energy with less than 4".

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