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General_lee 03-24-2011 08:44 PM

Taurus Revolvers
The other day, my boss (gunsmith) and I were taking a break from work and chit chatting about different guns. We got on the subject of Taurus quality, he doesn't like their semi-autos but he told me he would rather have a new Taurus revolver than a new S&W revolver... said that over the past few years S&W quality has been going down while Taurus quality is going up:eek:

This is not a discussion about taurus autos, I know they're pretty much junk except for the 1911 and the PT92, but what do you guys think about new Taurus revolvers?

orangello 03-24-2011 08:48 PM

My nephew has a Tracker in .357mag that has worked well for him. I tried it and found it similar to my Ruger GP100. His dad has a .44 mag Taurus revolver that i have not yet tried out; it looks nice and has a ported barrel.

Colossal Urprising 03-24-2011 09:07 PM

I have about 600 .357 and about 200 .38spl in my model 60 Taurus revolver. Never had a problem. Has always been a good gun.

KennyFSU 03-24-2011 10:01 PM

I have had a bad experience with my Taurus 605 .357 magnum. After only about 300 rounds the cylinder started spinning freely and the hammer locked up. It had to be sent back and I sold it shortly after. I won't buy Taurus again.

zebramochaman 03-25-2011 01:39 AM

The only firearm I own that had problems right out of the box is my Judge. The cylinder freezes after shooting one or two .410 shells. I haven't gotten around to sending in for repair yet.
Aside from this problem, it shoots .45 Colt very accurately with very little recoil.

Lindenwood 03-25-2011 02:08 AM

I had a PT92 for a couple years that I shot and carried often and loved it.

I bought an 8" Raging Bull in .44 magnum one month ago (ordered through an online dealer). Got it home and found the cylinder on some chambers would still rotate as much as .040" when "locked up." I called Taurus and they said it didn't sound too bad and to try it out.

Within the first 100 rounds of mild ammo (240gr @ 1200fps), the hand would fail to rotate the cylinder after two chambers, resulting first in off-center pin strikes, and ultimately with the pin hitting all over the case heads on those chambers.

It was supposed to go back to the factory today to fix the following issues:

1) Cylinder rotational play.
2) End shake that it has developed. The cylinder can move forward and backward about .020 to .030", and can contact the face of the barrel.
3) Replaced hand and extractor for the aforementioned failure-to-cycle issue.
4) Inspect / repair the internals because when firing DA, sometimes the action would lock up. This might be related to the cycling issue.

They were going to pay for shipping both ways (were supposedly sending Fedex to pick it up). Of course, after waiting almost two weeks before I could actually schedule a day where I could be home nearly all day to wait for Fedex, the truck never shows up.

I was happily willing to shrug this off as an unlucky fluke in what is otherwise their flagship revolver, but after this shipping issue today I am starting to have no qualms reporting this to everyone who will listen. Even if they fix it and it is perfect, I don't think I'll ever buy or recommend a Taurus product again.

So yeah, I had a PT92 that was 100%, and a Raging Bull that is almost a piece of junk, mechanically.


And another thing that really sucks is I put all this money toward .44 bullets, reloading dies, etc. Im now sitting here on top of 250 loaded rounds (I shot up the rest of my ammo after I realized it was going to have to go back, then reloaded them since I already had all the stuff) plus another 100 factory rounds for defensive use, and plus another few hundred in various accessories that only work for a 6-shot, 8" .44 mag revolver. I wasn't too worried about it, but after having them forget to even pick up the firearm I just KNOW this is going to be a long, painful ordeal and I will probably only end up with a half-good firearm anyways.

I hate to say it, but having had nothing but great luck with my Taurus PT92 and Walther P22, and having my first revolver turn out to be a piece of absolute crap, I can't say I am super convinced on the superb reliability of revolvers everyone talks about. I was looking for a handgun capable of decent longer-range accuracy and that had enough power to hunt deer with. Maybe I should have just settled for an S&W (would have provided less aesthetic pleasure and more felt recoil, but at least there would be a better chance it would have worked...).

If the Taurus factory blew up tonight the only sadness I'd feel is my gun wouldn't get fixed...

bgeddes 03-25-2011 03:02 AM

I own a few wheel guns, one is a Taurus .38sp snubby (86?). It has been very reliable for the 5-600 rounds fired through it. My wife likes to carry it. No issues with racking a slide or battery of arms, just keep squeezing the go button. While the trigger is not on par with some of my old Rugers, it is a usable, reliable weapon.

Lindenwood 03-25-2011 03:16 AM

Most Taurus guns are good, to be sure. I am actually mostly disappointed that despite getting one of their most praised models, I still got a lemon. And not just a partial lemon, this is a really terrible specimen. It looks great and the trigger is quite nice, but mechanically it's like they just stamped a few parts out of a big ACME press, slapped them together and kicked it onto the UPS truck without a second glance...

Most shop owners I ask tell me that they are all good, but of the most popular revolver makers they do get the most Tauri coming back.

Lindenwood 03-25-2011 03:09 PM

There may be hope yet. I called this morning and indeed whoever I spoke to dropped the ball on getting the truck to me. However, they just emailed me a shipping label so I could drop it off myself. I am a little annoyed that, despite me asking for any other options several times, they never told me about this one which was vastly simpler. Before, they had only given me the options of "be home all day during the week so we can send a truck to pick it up, or pay to ship it out yourself." I am really not sure why they didn't offer this to begin with, as it couldn't possibly cost any more than having it picked up directly from me...

But, I called, and an hour later I was dropping off the package at Fedex, for free. So, I guess I feel a good bit better about it.

I suppose I should also acknowledge that no other Taurus revolver I've handled since buying mine had any issues with sloppiness.

Txhillbilly 03-26-2011 01:30 AM

I have had a Raging Bull 44 Mag for many years.It has always been very reliable,never a problem.In fact,it has always been so accurate that I have sold all of my other 44 Mag revolvers.

I have a Tracker 22lr,and most of these pistols have timing problems from time to time.It has never bothered me that much,it rarely acts up,and I only carry it when I'm out in the woods for snakes and what not.
You have to rapid fire the weapon in order for the timing issues to pop up,and I don't do that much.It is a very accurate little pistol though!

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