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Taurus Lovers

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i have a PT111 (9mm sub compact semi auto for those who don't know) with at least 5k rds through it .. 1k were reloads .. it was my CC gun for a couple of yrs. .. now i carry G19 9mm (its a compact 4") .. it conceals just as good .. i keep the Taurus either at the front door or in my car, even if i am CCing .. its a little beat up from holster wear but other than that its still like new .. well, the trigger is a lot better now ..
what most folks don't take into consideration is that any sub compact is NOT a target pistol .. its only a 3 inch barrel! .. i didn't have any problems with my PT140 .. i had to send my PT145 back for some work .. their revolvers are usually outstanding .. the semi auto has improved over the last couple of yrs and CS even seems to have gotten better .. IMHO of course
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I really like the PT1911's
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My first hand gun was a 905 for thoughs that dont know it was a 9mm revolver. I wish i never sold it.
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I have the PT1911 and .44 Mag Tracker.....both are good firearms IMO.
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I've owned a Judge Ultra-Lite for 2 years now. It is a great gun. It's accurate with 45LC ammo and the 410 000 buckshot rounds from Federal are a better round than I could have imagined. My Taurus 738 TCP stays in my front pocket 24/7. I would feel naked without it. I bought a pt111 mil pro 3 years ago to carry. It has been perfect. I don't carry it much anymore, but it still is a good gun.

I have shot thousands of rounds through these guns and have had no problems with them. I consider myself a Glock Guy, since I now carry a G27 and keep a G21sf by my bed at night, but I still rely on my Taurus guns for protection when the situation presents itself. I have faith that they will perform when needed. They always have. I can't ask for more that that.
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Default Taurus 17 HMR

I bought a 4 inch, blue, .17HMR Taurus Tracker revolver, with nice Hogue grips.
Nice little gun, got 200 rounds through it and while cleaning it one day, noticed the hammer sticking a bit when pulling it back. Also noticed the cylinder would rock out of battery once in a while.

Now, I had this gun for about two years before I noticed these problems.

I called Taurus, explained everything to them, they said, " send it in, you pay for shipping coming in, we'll fix it and next day air it back to you, gratis."

Got an e-mail saying they received my gun and it could be 6 weeks to get it back to me.

Exactly five days after they received the gun, I was notified it was fixed and on the way, next day air.

I said to myself, " yea sure"

On the 7th day, I was signing for my gun at my door step.

The action had been re worked, smooth as silk and a note included with the box saying , "one part replaced, brought back into spec." that's it.

I checked it very carefully at home unloaded. Everything was perfect. I now have another 300 rounds through it and it's perfect.

Now there's some service right there.

All I paid for the thing was 284.00. They don't offer it now, it's only been three years, maybe they discontinued it because of the problem I had, but my experience with the company and the gun have been great.
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I have one 38 spl. snubby a pt 1911 and millenium pro in 40 s&w I did have one problem with the 40 dropping mags when fired. I called Taurus they sent me new mag release and spring no questions asked and it works fine now. only took 3 days to get the new parts. I dealt with them one other time when I lost a trigger spring from an ancient pt92 I was repairing for a friend. One call got the new spring in 3 days no charge. They even offered to reassemble the gun for free. I like their customer service and their guns.
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I've got a PT92AFS that has around 18-19k thru it with no repairs and still on the original springs.

I had the PT100 or 101, whichever is the same in. 40, but wasn't a fan of that caliber so it got sold.

I've had 2- 24/7 9mm service models. Both went back for repair, but in all fairness, the seecond one was purchased broken.

Also had 2- 24/7 compacts and a stainless 66.
The trigger was poor on that 66.
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im not a taurus lover but the only 9mm i regret selling was my taurus pt99. i may get another one as i do miss that gun it was a hella better gun than the berreta 92fs. i was prolly just lucky and got the only good taurus pistol they made that year
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I'm not really a Taurus "lover" but they're good guns. I've owned three of them over the years, and they've all worked and looked just fine. The fit and finish seemed to be up to what I expected at worst, and on a couple of them was actually better.

The first one was a basic six shot, fixed sight, heavy barrel, revolver. I think it was a Model 83, but it was a long time ago, so I'm not sure. I never shot that one with anything but wadcutters, but I shot the snot out of it. It worked just fine. The only complaint I had with it was the grips were about as ugly as any I've ever seen. They looked like they'd been carved from a 2x4 by some guy using a Swiss Army Knife. But the gun was less than half what a Smith & Wesson cost back then.

The other two, I admit I didn't shoot a lot, but what little I did they worked fine. One was a Model 85 snubbie, and the other was a 4" full underlug barrel, seven shot, mid-size frame (M-66?) revolver. Now that was a fine looking gun. The few times I shot it, it was an accurate one too.

I foolishly traded them all off for something or other. I'd like to have them all back today.

About the ONLY problem I see with Taurus today is that used the asking prices are starting to push up into Smith & Wesson territory. If I'm going to pay top dollar for a revolver (or any gun) I'm going to go ahead and get the top dollar gun. Taurus isn't bad. Smith & Wesson is just "better."
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