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Taurus Haters

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My wife has a Taurus M85 38 Special that she loves. I took a chance years ago on a PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm. I'm not a real fan but both guns have been reliable.
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The only experience I have with Taurus is very negative. I own a PT140. First time out shooting one of the sights popped off. The dude in the store reinstalled it. It popped off again and this time we couldn't find it.

I called Taurus and had to buy replacement sights. I find that odd, given their warranty. Ok, fine, its only like thirty bucks. No big deal. About four months later I hadn't received the replacement sights. I call Taurus again. She said my card was declined the first time around. Well I had money in my account, considering I waited until payday before I ordered the sights the first time. So I figure the lady took my card number or something down incorrectly, despite the fact I had repeated it all twice.

Fine. I reordered the sights again. Finally about another four or five months down the road they arrived. I had had the gun for about eight or nine months without sights. I called several times after I placed the order the second time. Apparently they were backordered the whole time. Makes me think a lot of other people had this same issue.

So now I have my replacement sights. But now the gun is doing something funny. Everytime I pull the trigger, the magazine ejects. I've tried both mags. And I've been extremely careful about not having my finger on the mag eject button.

I'm not going to send it into Taurus for repairs either. I don't trust their CS department after it took me almost nine months to get a replacement part. I also don't like having to pay for the sights.

I'll just take the gun into a smith sometime and pay him to fix it. It'll prolly cost as much as shipping to send the gun into Taurus anyway.

I have no desire to buy another Taurus firearm, as my only experience with them has been negative. The only one I might buy if I can find one in good working order is the model 608, which is an 8 shot .357 Magnum revolver. I would prefer to buy a Smith. But if I find the Taurus in good condition and actually works well, for a very reasonable price, I might not pass it up.

I hope everyone else's experiences with Taurus have been, and will continue to be, more positive than mine.
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I own one Taurus, a 1911, the very day I bought it (new) it was broken (light strikes) not a problem a new gun should have. Fortunately I explained my situation to Taurus and they were extremely helpful, they fixed the issue and sent it back, no more problems with it.

Taurus isn't a high dollar option, but what it is, is a great alternative for those that can't afford or just don't want to pay for a name. They may have their issues sometimes, but they stand behind their products.

I don't like Taurus mags however, my factory 8 rounders will only feed 7, it won't even chamber on a full mag.
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Ive shot the model 66 6 chamber in 357 mag a lot first handgun I've ever shot was my dad, and now he has a 45ACP 1911 made by taurus, it's one accurate dang gun. I've never had any problems out of the company and I've never had to send anything back or really call them.

I can't really complain about the company at all, I wouldn't think twice about buying a gun made by them. The only thing I might have to replace on the model 66 is the wooden grip there a little word and have knicks and cuts from where it's was carried by my father so much and also me.
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I don't know about "hate." That seems a bit strong of a word for me but...

I have owned two Tauri. The first was a 6" .357 Magnum, the second was a PT22. Neither one was a quality firearm. The revolver was sloppy loose and had one of the worst triggers I have ever felt. The 22 had a very long, very heavy DAO trigger that made accurate shooting a fantasy; not that a good trigger would have improved things because, looking down the barrel you could easily see where whole chunks where the rifling was simply missing - broken off or something.

I sold both and was glad to be quit of them. I won't voluntarily own another.
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if you look on this forum, there is real world experience & pics to back up the negative feedback.

don't remember who but someone on here had the 9 shot 22LR revolver & the barrel was turned about 10 degrees out of line with the frame. there's been a couple members with pics of blown up cylinders on their .357's, video's on youtube of barrels flying off after shots. Hi Points get a bad rep, but there doesn't seem to be the evidence of catastrophic failure like there seems to be with Taurus.

To be fair I do not own a Taurus, the only experience I have with them is shooting a buddies PT92 & I found that to be an accurate & reliable gun.
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I do not personally own one but my buddy does and has had no issues with his 24/7 in .45. It's a good little shooter from the rounds I have put through it.
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The only experience I have had with a Taurus is a friend bought one. I was sitting on the couch aiming it out the door at the mailbox. He said you can't hit that mailbox. I cocked it and drilled his mailbox. I can say he sold the pistol in short order. He is not one to sell a decent gun. One gun shop owner I had dealt with since I was big enough to tote a gun lent me the money to buy a S&W to save me from buying a Taurus. I cannot repeat the remarks he made about Taurus in an open forum.
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Taurus is the one dollar frozen supermarket pizza, of handguns.

If you think it is Chicago deep dish, it ain't.

Sometimes, you want the tv dinner of handguns.

I use one for teaching safety classes. Good enough for that. It sees some use on the range.
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My first handgun was a Taurus PT92. I didn't know any better. The price tag was what caught my eye. It was brand new from the gun shop. The first 50 rounds, I was stove piping every other round. By the last magazine, the entire extractor just fell out of the gun. Couldn't make that up if I tried. I traded the Taurus paper weight for a real Beretta which was flawless. A piece of S*** with a lifetime warranty is still a piece of S***. Taurus will never get my money again. I just laugh when I hear " well, it's worked well for me!" It quality over quantity. I learned that quick.
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