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Westy 09-05-2009 03:33 PM

Taurus .38 Special Ultra Lite
I just picked up one on Gun Broker and would appreciate any comments on this revolver and suggestions for a carry holster. My "normal" carry pice is a Ruger SR9 but I needed something lighter for my morning jogs and walk.

Great forum too!

IGETEVEN 09-05-2009 03:47 PM

Westy, congrats on your new .38 special and Welcome to the FT forum. Can you swing by the Introductions thread and tell us a little something about yourself. That sometimes help the other members in posting suggestions. :)


Westy 09-05-2009 04:08 PM

I certainly will! Going to have to wait for a few hours. Off to pick up the kids!

Franciscomv 09-05-2009 09:58 PM

Westy, Taurus revolvers are quite good for the price. I own one and I've been testing out a couple of different models that a friend's gun shop bought used. I shot a couple of boxes through a model 817 (.38 +P, 7 shot ultralight snubnose) and although I didn't care for its looks I did find it very accurate and pleasant to shoot. The "ribber" grips are great, follow up shots where quick and easy.

However, Taurus customer service sucks. They will eventually honour their warranty, but it can take a while, a long while.

Hollander 09-06-2009 01:15 AM

I have the .38 special UL from Taurus. I Did not like the trigger pull so had a small job done on it to lighten it a little and smooth it out. Now it works well. Also put on a Hogue grip for a better fit. Not exceptionally fun to shoot but very effective. Just bought another Taurus 941 .22Mag for the wife who is very recoil sensitive. Should get it this week sometime. Holds 9 rounds so if she is happy with it and will carry it I will be happy but would have rather had her use the .38. I have had no trouble with the .38 since we purchased it. When the 22Mag arrives the .38 will ride along with me in the car. Good luck and stay safe.

Westy 09-06-2009 01:40 AM

I found a nice "how-to" on this site and plan on changing out the springs to do a little work on the trigger pull.

Glad to hear that it's a good working piece. I hope I never need to use it, other than a few rounds to familiarize myself with it at the range. You never know though on those early morning walks. Better safe than sorry I always say.

My everyday carry arm is a Ruger SR9 and I've been happy with that. I would like to carry my Para Ordnance P13, but with hi hi-cap mag full of 45 ACP, it's a little too heavy! :D

Mark F 09-06-2009 11:44 AM

I have a Taurus M85UL, and its a nice carry. I use an Uncle Mike's #4 pocket holster. I also carry a Ruger LCR, same holster.

spittinfire 09-06-2009 12:33 PM

I've shot a Taurus ultra light 38 and it was decent but snappy. Trigger could have used a little work but I'm sure a set of springs would have helped it.

Mark F 09-06-2009 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by spittinfire (Post 156052)
I've shot a Taurus ultra light 38 and it was decent but snappy. Trigger could have used a little work but I'm sure a set of springs would have helped it.

I posted how to do a spring job on the Ultra-Lite 85 elsewhere in this forum. Changing srpings is easy, but you have to be careful not lose or damage any parts. The spring job makes the Taurus 85 much smoother in both DA & SA shooting.

Westy 09-06-2009 02:13 PM

Mark-that's the post I saw and mentioned. Great job! When I get the Taurus I'm going to do a spring job after I try it out at the range.

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