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bernielink 02-17-2012 02:08 PM

SA Uberti safety, WHAT???
I have a Heritage Rough Rider 22/22mag, a blast to shoot. So I bought a Uberti 45lc Cattleman's Hombre (great deal on GB $250). Went to the range yesterday and it wouldn't fire. Brand new gun and it didn't work - X$%^#$!!! Emailed the guy I bought it from and he wrote back that it was in safety mode - What??? He said that if the cylinder pin was "all the way down" it was in safety mode, that I need to pull the pin out a little until it clicks. Never heard of this before. Most of the revolvers I've owned has been double action so I'm relative new to SA guns but this is not the case with my Heritage RR. Am I the only guy that didn't know this? Bernie:confused:

bernielink 02-17-2012 03:26 PM

Just as a follow up. Got this from a guy on the Great Western Collector's forum: No worries….I think most fellows do learn this the first time they buy an Uberti. It comes up often.

This is called the “swiss-safe” safety because it was first used on the Swiss Hammerli single-action. The drop test was mandated in about 1970 as an import requirement, and this has been the favored way to get imported single-actions to pass the drop test without changing the mechanical nature of the traditional single action. Heritage are made in Florida, so they are not bound by that rule.

So what you do is exactly that. Depress the cylinder pin button screw and pull the pin out until it clicks.

I have one of those $250 Hombres, and that is an extremely good value.

RedCent 02-18-2012 02:13 AM

The cylinder pin (base pin) goes through the front of the frame, through the cylinder, and into the recoil shield at the back of the frame. The base pin has two grooves in it. Depress the sliding pin in front of the frame and pull out til it clicks. The rear of the base pin protrudes through the rear of the frame and stops the hammer from contacting the firing pin.

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