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fev 12-14-2012 10:44 PM

S&w 638
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Brought this 1 home a couple of weeks ago. Haven't had time to go to the range yet. Also looking for a iwb holster if any of you have a recommendation.

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Jtelli71 12-15-2012 09:36 PM

Nice gun. I just picked up a model 442. For iwb, for my shield andp pps I have a N82 IWB hster. It fits both guns. For the snubby, I am going to order both a iwb and pocket holsters from Mika.

Barney1023 12-15-2012 11:03 PM

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I've had a 637 for a little over a week now put 100 rds through it and they are Awsome little guns. just made a pocket holster out of an old pair of boots. Hay if u can't find what u like make it!

Barney1023 12-15-2012 11:06 PM

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The back side. I'm thinking about making a iwb with the other boot.

JTJ 12-16-2012 02:19 AM

I was looking at getting another Remora for mine but right now I am using an Uncle Mikes left hand size 0. I carry at 4 on the right with the butt forward. Dosn't print if you lean forward and is easier to draw.

SWIll 12-18-2012 08:54 PM

I have the 638, a very good carry gun, nice balance of weight and power. I carry it aiwb in a Galco Sto n Go, with 148 gr standard pressure wadcutters.

fev 12-19-2012 03:09 AM

Thanks all for your inputs. I'll check them all out, seeing how I've got the next 18 days off. Thanks again.

CA357 12-19-2012 03:12 AM

My favorite IWB holster is the Milt Sparks Summer Special.

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