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duncan 07-24-2012 05:33 AM

s&w 29-2 5" barrel s# N 22xxxx
I'm having trouble finding any info on this gun.could anyone tell me the value our anything about it?

44magmike 07-24-2012 06:05 AM

5" barrel are rare as hens teeth!! Better hang on to that gun if its all original

danf_fl 07-24-2012 07:46 AM

S&W can tell you who ordered it (for a fee).

If you did that, then you would know if it came from the factory with the 5" barrel or if someone did work to it afterwards.

Bob Wright 07-24-2012 02:27 PM

From my experience, S&W will not custom build a revovler for an individual any longer. However, if a standard revolver is purchased through a dealer and returned to S&W for a customized addition of a stock part, they will do the work.

There have been times when individuals could order cutom guns, but as far as I know, they no longer do this. As to records of such remodeling, I have no information.

Bob Wright

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