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SquirrelMurder 06-30-2013 05:20 AM

Ruger Super Blackhawk info
Hey all,

In a few days I will hopefully be gaining so cash for my birthday. One thing that I am looking into adding to my firearm collection, is the Ruger Super Blackhawk. I have a few questions/concerns.

First, I need to stress that I have fired a 44 before, and understand that it kicks like a mule, an angry mule at that. But I have to ask... Is the Bisely grip truely better for handling the recoil? Or are you just as well off with the standard grip? Im assuming off of personal experiance that, it is more a decision made by going out and deciding by personal preference and feel, but any input is greatly appreciated.

Second, I have heard complaints based on the sight picture being too wide. Is this truthful? And also on the lack of color bead on the stock front sight? If that is true, is it possible to change the front sight?

Third, this may sound silly and dumb... But 44 special is in fact compatible with a 44 Mag, correct? Just wish to be sure because I've heard the Special is shorter, less powerful and I thought would work well with target practice.

Fourth, how smooth is the cocking and the trigger pull on this piece? Anything to worry on there?

Finally, I honestly am pretty much set in stone on Ruger, unless there are too many problems (which I doubt, based on personal experiance with the Brand, and the internet reviews). My very first firearm was A Ruger 10/22 and I still have it. I'll probly never let that gun go. I have never had problems woth the company and it is only fair that they get to be my first centerfire handgun as well.

Alright, any input on these topics, or any concerns/problems or preferences on the firearm are appreciated.

JW357 06-30-2013 07:45 AM

A good choice. I personally have no experience with the gun so for most of your questions I'm less than worthless. However, yes a .44 Special will definitely work in a revolver chambered in .44 Magnum. The opposite is not true.

Let us know when/if you buy it. We're gonna need pictures and a range report of course!

John_Deer 06-30-2013 08:48 AM

I have both a super blackhawk and a blackhawk. Both have been great guns. Neither has given me any problems. They are single action pistols. They reload slower and you have to cock the gun each time to fire it. Wolff springs has spring kits to set the trigger pull the way you like it. I have no problems with the sight picture on either of my guns. I use fingernail polish on the front sight. Fingernail polish allows me to change the color of the front sight quick and easy. You will want wood or smooth synthetic grips. The stippled plastic grips that come on the pistol leave a lot to be desired. You can find nice target grips on ebay. Numrich or Jack First might have the old style walnut grips. I got walnut grips for my blackhawk at numrich. I prefer the plow handle grip. I have great big hands. The vaquero grips are too small for me.

Bob Wright 07-02-2013 06:29 PM

As a matter of interest I built up six Ruger Single Actions in .45 Colt and .44 Magnum, two each as a Bisley, two as Super Blackhawks, and two as Blackhawks. I fired everything from mild to extra-potent loads. After the shooting was done, my preference for the heavy kicking stuff was the Super Blackhawk grip with the sware back trigger guard.

As to the Super Blackhawk, here's a few of mine:

These are all three-screw models. One on the extreme right is a .44 Special, ex-.357 Magnum.

The only thing I dislike about the Super Blackhawk it its trademark wide hammer spur. I prefer the high upswept hammer spur on my single actions, as evidenced from the potos.

Bob Wright

Bob Wright 07-02-2013 06:34 PM

This .45 Colt "Super" Blackhawk is an ex-Bisley:

And this .45 Colt "Super" Blackhawk is an ex-Blackhawk. It is nearing the 20,000 round mileage mark.

Bob Wright

AIKIJUTSU 07-02-2013 09:05 PM

My 3 Super Blackhawks all have the virgin grips that come with them. They work perfectly well for me. I personally think they are better than Bisley grips, because they handle recoil better. The standard grips allow the gun to rotate vertically, so the muzzle ends up pointing skyward when a potent shot is fired. No discomfort at all, whereas the Bisley grips direct the recoil more directly to the rear, which to me makes the recoil much more uncomfortable.
So far as shooting .44 SPL ammo in a Super Blackhawk, it is perfectly OK, much less recoil, much milder all-round. But If you practice with .44 SPL ammo, and set the rear sight for it, the point of impact vs point of aim will be significantly different when you use it for .44 MAG unless you re-zero the sights.

Bob Wright 07-02-2013 09:21 PM

As for the grips, the ones that come on Rugers all have that emblem at the top of the grip, which I really don't care for. And the latest grips are laminated and vinyl impregnated, features I don't like either. Most of my guns have been stocked by Lett (Now out of business) or by Cary Chapman, the stags are from Eagle grips.

They don't make my Rugers shoot any better, just suits my taste. I sort of like the "old timey" look. And I like both my guns and grips to show honest wear.

Them's my druthers.

Bob Wright

aandabooks 07-03-2013 02:49 AM

I know I should know this but what is the real difference between a Blackhawk and a Super Blackhawk? These are guns that are always on my list of potential next guns but I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet.

AIKIJUTSU 07-03-2013 11:49 AM

A super Blackhawk is a little bit bigger frame, thicker steel, particularly the topstrap, generally stronger than the Blackhawk frame. Some Super Blackhawk models, like the Hunter model come with scope mounts.

Bob Wright 07-03-2013 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by AIKIJUTSU (Post 1293669)
A super Blackhawk is a little bit bigger frame, thicker steel, particularly the topstrap, generally stronger than the Blackhawk frame. Some Super Blackhawk models, like the Hunter model come with scope mounts.

I beg to differ, but the New Model Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk are built on the same frame, except for the new Flat Top Models. Currently the only thing that defines a Super Blackhawk is the caliber and hammer spur. Super Blackhawks are .44 Magnum only, and have the lower, wider hammer spur. Depending on barrel length, the Super Blackhawk may have a fluted or non-fluted cylinder, Dragoon style or Blackhawk style grip frame.

This does not apply to .44 Magnum Bisleys which are marked "Super Blackhawk."


Bob Wright

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