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Redhawk 04-27-2007 08:31 PM

Ruger Redhawks
I have seen some Redhawks every once and a whilewith 5 1/2" barrels, but I was wondering if any of you have seen any with 7 1/2" barrels or even an integral scope mount? Also, I was wondering if any of you have any information on the Ruger Redhawk in .357?

john1911 05-15-2007 01:32 AM in%20Stainless&bct=Yes&type=Revolver

Don't know about a .357. I did pick up a 4" model last week.

BobG 05-18-2007 11:42 PM

Ruger made a Redhawk in 357 when the model first came out, but they haven't made them in a while. They also had one in 45LC, which I would like to try out, but have never run across one.

stalkingbear 09-16-2007 10:03 PM

Most redhawks are produced with 7.5" barrel (most)and come with ruger rings. They have been produced in .357,.41mag,.44mag,.45lc. In addition to 7.5" and 5.5",they are making them in .44mag now with a 4" barrel. Those shorter than 7.5" only come with open sights.
I'm looking for 1 in .45LC myself if anybody has 1 for sale.

nightfire 11-29-2007 01:33 AM

I have 1, a super redhawk .44 with both barrels.

Lika a dead accurate hand rifle.

crossfire 12-01-2007 03:03 PM

nice revolvers
My deer hunting buddy swears by his 7.5" barrel .41 Mag Super Redhawk, Leupold scope and Hogue Mono-Grip combo and I don't blame him.

stalkingbear 12-01-2007 03:19 PM

I like the redhawks a LOT better than the super redhawks for following reasons: lockwork on redhawk uses 1 spring for hammer AND trigger return spring,making for lightest,smoothest double action trigger pull this side of colt pythons. The ring grooves in barrel set the scope farther forward so you'll be able to cock the hammer for single action shooting without needing a spur extension or banging your thumb against scope,and the extended frame/barrel support is totally uneccecary,adds extra weight,and UGLYYYY.
Am currently looking for a 7.5" barreled redhawk with rings in .45Lc to convert to .454 casull-I like redhawks so much more than the "super" sister revolver that I am converting redhawk instead of simply bying a super in that caliber.

crossfire 12-01-2007 10:46 PM

My friend corrected me when I told him about my post. His revolver is a Redhawk, not a Super Redhawk. At least I got the other stuff right.

tex45acp 02-08-2008 01:51 PM

Good morning,

New poster here from Texas.

I have been a fan of the stainless Redhawk for over three decades. I have three and all are in 41mag. I previously had one in 44mag and one in 357mag. Both went to my oldest son.

A 7.5" scoped with a 2x Leupold that I have been taking game with for over 25 years, a 5.5" and a 4" that I made from another 5.5" that is my constant field companion.

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