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jbd 04-08-2010 02:49 PM

ruger lcr
i picked up the ruger lcr back in jan,2010 and have been pleased with gun except one thing. i have fired app. 250 rounds of ammo through it,50 rounds of winchester,200 rounds of monarch ammo through it. with the monarch ammo only i have had 3 different rounds not fire through first cycle and what i mean by first cycle is during the firing of the 5 rounds i did realize all 3 times 1 round did not fire so i kept pulling the trigger and all 3 times when it got back to the unfired round it fired. i do clean my guns after every outing so that shouldnt be an issue. what would u guys suggest, dont use monarch ammo, call ruger? thanks for any advice.

Missileman 04-08-2010 02:58 PM

I think it's the Monarch ammo--it has had a lot of QC problems according to others who have used it--the primers may be a little hard also. I believe it is made in Serbia. I would try a hundred rounds or so of a US ammo, such as WW White Box or Rem UCP, and if you have no problems then it was most lickly the ammo and I wouldn't shoot that anymore.

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