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coronel 12-02-2007 03:18 PM

Revolvers for ccw?
Hi I just registered for this forum thank you for allowing me to be a part of t his forum. I would like to ask you all what do you think of carrying a revolver for ccw instead of a semi auto pistol. Which is your preference on this subject and why. I would appreciate some input into this thank you very much.

RONSERESURPLUS 12-02-2007 03:48 PM

Revolvers for CCW?
Hello all


A revolver for CW? Why not? I presently carry a 1911A1 and a BHP clone, or a PA-63, for lighter, smaller carry, But why not a revolver? I carried a S & W Model 36/37 as well as a Colt Agent and a Detectives special years ago! Thier is no limit to what you can do! Witha Quality holster you carry it well and consealed and most cases 5-6 shots is enough to save your bacon! If not, I carry a sped loader or two? If ya need more than that, RUN AWAY! It has worked for me and I'm no longer in law Enforcement, but still carry and I'd not hesitate one minute with a decent revolver and a good carry system!

coronel 12-02-2007 05:01 PM

info appreciated
Thank you very much for such interesting information. You have really made a lot of sense of the question i have asked. Excellent and friendly response from you thank you very much again. From Laredo,Texas (aka) war zone that doesn't exist lol boy, you bet it does we live thru this everyday.

Tanker60A3 12-02-2007 06:16 PM

I have always liked an all steel snub nosed relvolver for carry. No mag springs to weaken, a snap to clean, and almost idiot proof to use under stress. With 38 Special and 357 there are an almost endless choice of loads to pick from (I have always tucked one in my back pocket with shot shells in it for summer walks in the woods).
The ultra lite weight alloy (i.e. S&W Scandium) I stay away from now. I found the recoil from 357 loads to be hand numbing painful. 38+P was uncomfortable also for me. A fast follow up shot was nearly impossible with either. Unless the small weight saving of an alloy is vital I would recomend all steel.

RONSERESURPLUS 12-02-2007 08:32 PM

Revolvers for CCW!
Hello all/Coronel


Good to hear from you as well! Thats what this forum is made for, asking questions and some of the group responding! I'm one of those few freaks that actually can switch back and forth from a Revover to a Semi-Auto, with no real bad effects?

I presently carry a small auto for summer carry, in the fall and winter, I fall back to Full size guns! I like the flatter design, ligher carry of the small auto 9Alloy Frame) and the good sites, easy to clean, easy to carry and shoot features that my small auto offers me! Now, thats not to say a small snub or up to 5" revolver won't carry the day as well? I remember a day when Law Enforcement carried only revolvers, we were taught to shoot and had better be able to? Now I see Many in Law Enforcement that are an Embarassment to gun owners? Sloppy carry, some poor skills! Thats a sigh on the times and I guess I shouldn't bad mouth my Brothers in uniform? I know beihng a Cop today is a far cry of my times, but dang, some folks bring the crap down on themselves? Any rate a Revolver can and will suit your needs, it does require some pratice, a good carry system and a set of speedloaders for those times when 5 or 6 are not enough!

Good luck and let us know how it went for you, as thier is no better teacher than actually doing something?

coronel 12-03-2007 02:07 AM

thank you Ron
Once again a very friendly and informative person like you made me feel so welcomed to this forum. I wish all the other forums were this frieindly with a lot of good interaction that is what it is all about. I am so impressed with the caliber of people here that i am so proud to be a part of this forum. Ron you have the same thoughts and or ability to switch back and forth from semi auto to revolver. I thought I would ask in this forum to see if other people felt the same way about using a revolver with extra speed loaders for ccw. In fact the use of a revolver increases the first shot accuracy on pistols such as semi auto Rugers,Smith and Wessons,Sig Sauer and P1 and P38 Walthers that i own. Gosh I forgot the others that I own right now I guess senioritis hit me right now but i do also have makorovs (East German) and a bersa 380. Thank you Ron for such a great interaction on my question.

BLS33 12-03-2007 02:20 PM

I have always believed if you can't get it done with 6 rounds maybe you shouldn't be carrying :D So I think revolvers are a fine choice.

God forbid anyone be in a situation where you need more.

coronel 12-03-2007 04:53 PM

Thank You for the reply
I sure do think the same way you do in if that you need more than six rounds you are going to be in a situation you shouldnt have been in or just downright couldn't prevent. Thank you for my being enlightened on your thoughts.

RONSERESURPLUS 12-03-2007 09:54 PM

Revolvers in CCW?
Hello all/Coronel


Cornel, thanks on the wonderfull comments, your way too kind! I'm not always nice about things, I try to be fair and not judgemental, but at times I'm human as we all are and get carried away!

Thats the wonderfull part about this Forrum, the folks here, mostly are a Real Bunch of Guys and Glas, don't talk crap, back up what they say and try and make a real effort to help! Part of what keeps me here? The Internet can be such a cold and Hostile place, this Place, on the other hand, shows you some folks still do care, Do still try and Help and are not all ASSH--lls! I'll get off my soap box now, I'm as glad to be here as you are and your wellcome here and feel free to ask away as well as offer your opinion and experience, that way we all grow by your input?

I was invited here from one of the More Hostile newsgroups (Yea I'm part of the Problem there), but see this group as a new place to "DO IT RIGHT", here's to us all, trying to do it right?


robocop10mm 12-03-2007 11:56 PM

My personnal favorite revolver for CC is the S&W M-65 3". Stainless steel, 3" heavy barrel, round butt, fixed sights, 6 shots. Mine handles 158 JHP's w/o any problem. It is a bit heavier than the 5 shot 38's but is a much tougher gun. Mine has been sandblasted and DAO hammer installed. I just adjust my wardrobe to fit the gun.

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