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deathkricket 12-13-2009 03:44 AM

revolver jams
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Ok this will be a relitivly long artical but offer good insight.when i get some batteries strong enough to run my camera i will post pics. Iv read lately and herd a lot of talk about revolvers jamming in the cylinder, I E the cyliders are locking up (a lot with taurus revolvers) now iv always wondered what makes such a simple device lock up after fireing a round and the clyinder stop working. i recently bought a taurus judge public defender and i have put a box of every kind of ammo i could buy for it though it and with almost all ammo my judge cylinder locks up and stops working after one or 2 shots. i stripped my judge down to scrap and begain part by part working it from the frame up and found no faults with it, slapped another 5 rounds in it and fired one, and jam agin. i was baffled by this as the ammo seemed fine and was to spec for the gun(.410) it was only the other night i had a apiffiney if thats how you spell it. upon closer looking at the ammo i seen that the primer when struck and the round fired would pop out the back of the brass head a few milimeters wedgeing the round between the cylinder and the backwall thus jamming it up from being fired again and the only way to free it is by smacking relly hard to force the clyinder open and pull that round out. now you want to be carefull as sometimes when the primer pops out the back it cups the firing pin so if you smack it open you could bend your pin. 90% of all the .410 ammo i shot had this same problem of the primer buldgeing out the back and wedging the clyider. the only ammo that didnt suffer from this as much was the federal premium 410 for the judge. i just wanted to put this out there for you who shoot and your cylinder locks up and you spend you money takeing to a gun smith who as soon as you leave smacks it open and charges you 30 bucks for his labor. it all comes down to the gap on the back of the cylinder between it and the back wall with the firing pin is made for a tight fit and the extra buldge of the primer cant fit.

Mark F 12-13-2009 12:05 PM

I haven't had that problem with my Judge. Mine is going on 2 years old and about 1000 rounds. However, I did experience a similar problem with my Ruger Super Blackhawk. In any event, the pistol really needs to be sent to the factory to be properly fitted. I did that with my Super BLackhawk and its been perfect since.

deathkricket 12-13-2009 01:17 PM

for them to fit it would they shave the cylider down a hare?

MB44 12-14-2009 12:21 PM

I have a Taurus Raging Bull 444S8, and what I have experienced is that due to the power of the ammo, and I would suppose that this would be the same in you case, the ejector rod, and some of the screws holding the cylinder in place, after shooting some rounds gets loose and puts the cylinder out of alignment. During a recent IPSC match, it did produce something similar for me but not as explicit as you describe it. The bottom line is that I had problems taking the cylinder out to discart the spent casings, and when trying to return the cylinder with fresh ammo to its original position, it jammed. I tried to loctite all the screws, but they still shake loose. So before every stage I shoot I have to check the screws....
Not sure if this helps, but it sounds to me like your cylinder is positioned to far to the back of the revolver, and thus jams when around is fired and the primer bulges. Check all screws and the ejector rod,...

Mark F 12-14-2009 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by deathkricket (Post 198822)
for them to fit it would they shave the cylider down a hare?

I don't know and it really wouldn't matter, as long as the weapon is fixed. I have several Taurus pistols and they've served me well so far. They aren't my first choice of gun but they can be very reliable.

robocop10mm 12-14-2009 01:42 PM

If there is too much gap between the back of the cylinder and the recoil plate you can experience some considerable shifting. This should not lock up the gun. If the firing pin return spring (on a floating firing pin design) is too weak, the FP can get stuck in the primer. If the firing pin hole is too big (on a hammer mounted FP design) primer metal can flow into the gap, locking things up.

WILDCATT 12-18-2009 10:22 PM

he did say the firing pin is draging.firing pin should not be out after firing and trigger released.:rolleyes::D

CodyWalkerJr 01-02-2010 05:53 AM

hey buddy, I would take advantage of that "Taurus Lifetime Guarantee"
even if your not the original purchaser of the gun it is still valid.. I woildnt try to fix it or modify it yourself as you may void the warrantee...If they cant fix it they will send you a brand new one!

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utf59 01-02-2010 02:27 PM

I saw a letter in a recent issue of a gun magazine (Guns maybe?). The letter writer had the same problem. He said the shorter cylinder, which should have handled 3" rounds simply didn't. It handled the shorter rounds just fine. His solution was to sell the thing and buy a new Judge with the longer cylinder.

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