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moviezombie 01-09-2008 05:37 AM

reading s&w serial numbers
sometime back on a now not to be found website [at least i can't find it again] i found an explanation as to how to decode the serial number on one's revolver to identify the model number, barrel length, year of manufacture, etc. i have repeatedly tried to find that website again and of course now i can't. anyone know where i can get that info?

i actually know the model number and barrel length so that part was easy....but i'd like to decode the rest of the serial number.

movie zombie

moviezombie 01-09-2008 06:40 PM

just got off the phone with s&w: my model 63 is late 1970's, they are w/o power and cant look up the exact date right now. also, even though my model 63 has a 4 inch barrel, the 463 in the serial number aren't there to indicate that. i now think the website where i read that the serial number could be decoded for info was spouting hot air......

movie zombie

Zappa 01-26-2008 04:34 AM

I got a book about S&W's at a gun show (I also got some awesome beef jerky too) and it has a serial number glossary. My #63 was made in 1980, so was my #60. Great hardcover book and I only paid $20 for it, but it ends at 1999.

moviezombie 01-27-2008 06:44 AM

zappa, congrats on finding the birthdate of your model 60 and 63! we share the same taste in revolvers.

movie zombie

ps i need to call them back and get the exact year for the 63 and i might as well give them the sn for my 60 as well.

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