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Donnyj 08-08-2009 12:56 AM

Question for the experts
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In an earlier thread I had described my incident with my GP100 and the bullets that were lodged in the barrel. Remington paid the bill to have the gun fixed. I got the gun back, finally, this week. I sent the gun out in March. According to the paperwork they sent back with the gun, they replaced the barrel, repaired the cylinder, replaced the trigger spring guard spring, and replaced internal components. The paperwork also states the gun was safety function checked, proof tested and range fired tested. I thought there was supposed to be a fired shell casing sent back with the gun, but there was none. My question is the pic that I have attached show some kind of brown, gold color in the barrel all the way down. I cleaned the gun and brushed the barrel and found that some of this substance actually started to disappear. Does this look like a new barrel? Just curious. I don't think when I bought the gun new the barrel looked like this. As always I really appreciate everyone's help, opinions and advice.

masterPsmith 08-08-2009 02:22 AM

That is copper fouling from the jacketed bullets that the factory used for test firing. It will come out with normal cleaning. Nothing to worry about, it is normal. Usually, new barrels will foul more and quicker than barrels that have been broke-in or well use due to the slightly rough surface after machining. Glad to hear you got your gun back. Enjoy......................


stalkingbear 08-08-2009 02:24 AM

I don't claim to be a expert but I'd say that looks like normal fouling. Very seldom do the factories actually clean the firearms/barrels after test firing/range testing. Since it's a new barrel, it hasn't been broken in yet and may have microscopic burrs in the rifling, causing fouling. Just clean it good and watch to see that bullet holes appear in the target after every shot. After you shoot it a lot, it'll get smoother both in the barrel & action wise as it gets broke in.

stalkingbear 08-08-2009 02:25 AM

MasterPsmith-we gotta quit doing that-you must type faster than me.

masterPsmith 08-08-2009 05:23 AM

Sorry bout that, musta beat ya to the punch...


Donnyj 08-08-2009 10:49 AM

Thanks again for the quick, and valuable info. I used a cleaner that I always use, but it does not seem to clean that fouling out. Is there any brand that you all recommend to get that fouling out?

paganwolf 08-08-2009 11:43 AM

I prefer Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber. Works Great With both copper and nitro fouling. Just be careful as it will "eat" a copper bore brush.

canebrake 08-08-2009 01:42 PM

Find a bore cleaner that specifies copper removal.

I agree with the others, run some ammo through her and get it broke in!

robocop10mm 08-08-2009 09:25 PM

Shooter's Choice or Sweet's 762 will remove copper fouling. I always use the former. Break in a new hand gun with about 200 rounds of jacketed ammo before going to a lead bullet to reduce the amount of leading you experience. Shooter" Choice also disolves lead and plastic (shotgun wadding) fouling.

dukech1 08-08-2009 11:23 PM

Some guys don't like them, but I use a bore-snake, usually 2 or 3 times through the barrell and once each through the cylinders does it. Then clean the rest of the pistol normally and I use Rem-Oil afterwards, then wipe clean. Some of the other guys like masterPsmith and stalkingbear to name 2 are much more savvy than me, so thier advice should carry more weight.

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