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rjgnwdc 12-28-2010 04:53 PM

My first wheel gun
Well I finally decided on the S&W model 629 Classic 5" barrel, my brother in law was pushing the Ruger SBH and my son in law liked the Taurus Raging Bull, I also consider buying a used Colt Python but when it got down to it I really liked the 629's trigger and overall look and feel in my hand, I ordered it from Buds so my local FFL should get it Thursday and I should be able to pick it up Saturday although that is the 1st New Years Days :eek: so I probably won't get it till Monday, can't hardly wait. I'll post pics and a range report soon afterwards. I'd like to hear some of ya'lls opinions on the 629.

Bob Wright 12-29-2010 03:25 PM

The S & W Model 629 is a stainless steel revolver, other than that its an excellent gun. I've got several Model 29s, one 6" and one 5" full lug barrel. I'm sort of partial to the 5" full lug barrel. The weight of the full lug barrel soaks up recoil making the gun more pleasant to shoot with full power loads.

All of my 29s are fine guns. My oldest gave me many problems, an early model, but returned it to the factory for the endurance package addition, now incorporated into all .44s, and no problem since. I DO push my guns considerable with heavy magnum loads and heavy bullets, and 10,000 rounds is an average mileage in my guns.

Well, age and finances have slowed me down a bit.

Bob Wright

rjgnwdc 12-29-2010 03:35 PM

My first wheel gun
Wow great information I do agree with the 5" barrel and the balance it's perfect in my hand and has a great classic look to it.:cool:

CA357 12-29-2010 04:04 PM

Congratulations. Please post pics and a range report when you can.

I used to have a 629 with the 6.5" barrel and it is one of the few handguns that I really miss.

rjgnwdc 01-15-2011 08:18 PM

I got the 629
Well its been awhile since I made this post and I don't have the gun today. The gun made it to my FFL dealer on the 30th of Dec. I went to pick it up and I couldn't wait to take her to the range so I get there and the guy who does the FFL transfers asks is this suppose to be a brand new gun, I said the description on the website where I bought it described it as (NIB) he says he didn't think so he thought it was second hand and that I really need to check it out and if I had any doubts don't except it, so I looked and it did appear to have been used quit a bit, the top strap seemed really stained not just dirty the front of the cylinder was the same way and being that I have never bought a stainless steel revolver I couldn't be sure that it was new cause all the ones I looked at in the gun shops were shiney clean so I did not except it. I went back home and called the dealer and told him I was very disappointed with the condition of the gun and did not except it and I wanted it replaced with a brand new one, he told me it was common for Smith & Wesson stainless steel revolvers to be tested before they are shipped and not always cleaned up, I told him I didn't believe that was the case and I wanted another gun sent, so they sent me another and it was very clean in comparison but really not shiney clean but I decided to go ahead and except it. Next day me and a buddy go to the NRA range in Fairfax I bring my 629 and my PX4 Storm in .45acp and a few 100 rounds of both, I start with the .44 first, drop a load in with my new speed loader, pull the hammer back and fire it hits a little left I pull the hammer back second shot a little left of the first shot next shot I cock the hammer and fire and there's nothing I rapidly fire off 3 more and nothing the firing pin appeared jamed half way out, just enough to jam the cylinder shut I pushed and pulled and wiggled the cylinder till it finally opened I could see where the firing pin had struck the 3rd shot but not hard enough to fire and there were no marks on the remaining 3 bullets. So I contacted S&W and they emailed me a FedEx airbill and gave me complete instrution on how to send it back, I got to say those first 2 shots were awesome not all the kick I was expecting it felt very comfortable. I have about a minimum 2 week wait till I get to take her back to the range, hey what are you gonna do, grin and bare it I guess:D here are a few pics

CA357 01-15-2011 08:38 PM

Congratulations. :cool:

Catfish 01-15-2011 10:52 PM

Real nice guns. I have one with a 4 in. barrel so can tell you your going to love it. It was alittle heaver than I wanted for a ccw so I picked up a 329. It`s as smooth as the 629, but not for those that can`t take alittle recoil.

Jo da Plumbr 01-15-2011 11:22 PM

Shame your having problems. That's a great looking gun. Hope it comes back soon

JonM 01-16-2011 03:08 AM

nice shooter there. it is true that s&w test fires them but they dont look like 700 rounds ran through it. typically its only one magazine or 6 shots in the case of revolvers. the guy you got em from prolly selling them as new evn tho he prolly got em trade. lots of used 44mag can look brand spanking new. peeps will buy em fire a cylinder full then go "oh crap i dont like this" and trade it in.

for a dealer to sell a used gun new is a big no-no and can result in ffl revoke from what i understand.

rjgnwdc 02-02-2011 02:03 AM

Got her back today

Originally Posted by Jo da Plumbr (Post 422983)
Shame your having problems. That's a great looking gun. Hope it comes back soon

Well got her back today not bad service 2 weeks and 1 day, the work order they sent back said they replaced the bushing and the firing pin, I didn't get a chance to get by the range today but I should be able to take off work a little early and test her out... can't wait, I got 500 rounds in while she was being repaired, hopefully I can finally post a report how great she performed rather then what a failure she was.:D

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