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mesinge2 04-21-2011 12:26 AM

My Favorite Revolvers (Pic Heavy Thread)
At notdku's request I am going to utilize this thread to profile my revolvers. I'll try to post a review of one each day in this thread until they're all done, but it might take a little while. In the mine time enjoy some pics : )

Below are just some of my favorites but I ran out of room on the table:

Here are some that I couldn't get on the table, there are more as well:

mesinge2 04-21-2011 12:35 AM

Some more, I don't have pictures of the rest though:

CA357 04-21-2011 12:35 AM

"Nice". He said as he drooled on the keyboard.

Reinhard 04-21-2011 12:51 AM

very nice and some of the guns have real nice grips:cool:
how does the Taurus work for you? I recently purchased a 22magnum but its still in the box and unused

mesinge2 04-21-2011 12:55 AM

Here the review of my 629 Talo transposted from the review section:

This Smith and Wesson Model 629 is a Talo Exclusive.

Its has a heavy barrel that makes the 3" barrelled weapon weight only 1.9oz less than the 4" model. The total 39.6oz weight makes shooting heavier loads much less punishing than one would assume.

At first, I was worried that the recoil was going to be extreme but its actually not bad. At the first range trip I shot 150 rounds worth. The first 130 all double action; I figure in a self-defense situation I won't be cocking a hammer.

First I fired 50 rounds of 44 Magnum Magtech 240gr. SJSP and the recoil was not that bad at all, color me surprised. Then I went through 50 rounds of 200gr. 44 SPL CCI Blazer (very very mild). Then I shot 30 rounds of the carry load I pick for this gun, Fiocchi Extrema 240 Hornady XTP hollow points. Honestly, I could not tell the difference between these and the Magtech loads. Finally, just for stupidity sake I shot 20rds or Corbon 300gr. penetrator loads. Those were quite snappy, but still managable in SA.

The group below is the Fiocchi Extrema loads at 10 yards (sorry for the cell pic). I threw two shots away:

Here is the ammo I have used in this weapon to date shot through my chrony (results are per 10 shot average):

44 Mag Corbon 300 grain - 910fps
44 Mag Hornady 240 grain - 1175fps
44 Mag Fiocchi 240 grain - 1122fps
44 SPL Hornady Critical Defense 165 grain - 915fps
44 SPL CCI Blazer 200 grain - 720fps
44 SPL Winchester 200 grain - 772fps

Here is a video of the 44 Mag Corbon 300 grain Penetrator loads at 17 yards:

mesinge2 04-21-2011 01:01 AM

Review of my 3" SP101 transposed from an old range report thread:

Every time I go to the gun store I wind up looking at the 3" wheel gun even when I am looking at the "newest greatest auto".
And it was lead to a 3" model 19-4, a 3" model 64, and a relatively new 3" model 629 being added to my collection.

I just now bought a Ruger SP101 in 357 magnum with the 3.06" barrel.
It was just sitting there in the used case for $389.00

On the first range outing I fired 80 .357 magnum Hornady loads and 100 Magtech .38 SPL loads. It ran perfectly.

Also, I usually use, like, and prefer all wood grips. So, it was odd for me to like a set of stock rubber grips, but I really like the of the recoil with
the full house hornady loads with these grips. My only complaint was the screw head sticking out of the plastic grip insert and cutting my hand.
Furthermore, the plastic inserts were nasty looking. Then I found these on gun broker and after a short bidding war, here are the pics:
(note the recessed screw head)

And I am amazingly more accurate with it than my 1.875" model 638; even with full house 357 Mag loads.
It seemed easier to shoot with the 125 grain loads then the 158 grain loads (see below):

This is a the SP101 at 14 yards with speer gold dot 125 loads:

This is a 14 yard group with 158 grain Hornady XTP loads:

winds-of-change 04-21-2011 01:03 AM

What a beautiful display of revolvers. I wish I knew what they all were, though. :(

As most of you all know, I own just one gun and it is a revolver so I have a certain fondness for them.

mesinge2 04-21-2011 01:06 AM

Pre-36 vs. 36 part 1

Originally Posted by winds-of-change (Post 490548)
What a beautiful display of revolvers. I wish I knew what they all were, though.

As most of you all know, I own just one gun and it is a revolver so I have a certain fondness for them.

Thanks, and ask away I'll be glad to explain each one.

Here goes a profile of my two 36s:

This is a older blued pined barrel model 36:

And this one is not actually a model 36. Since it was made before 1957 it is actually a chief's special. But it is a different frame design then the standard J frame. It was denoted the "baby J frame" and has subtle differences of which I will explain.

First notice the latch/cylinder release on the pre-model 36 is flat. This was changed because of its difficulty in opening the cylinder. Also, notice the shape of the trigger guard. The pre-36 is more circular as compared to the model 36 which is oval-shaped. If you compare the right sides of the frame the pre-36 is a 5-screw design and the 36 is a three screw. Also, notice that the hammer is designed differently and its hard to make out in the picture but the pre-36 has the "lazy ampersand" of Smith's youth.

mesinge2 04-21-2011 01:32 AM

Pre-36 vs. 36 part 2
As I noted above the pre-36's frame is slightly smaller than the model 36. This is because it was a transitionary piece when S&W wanted a 38 caliber snubbie and they started with the "I" framed 32 caliber S&W revolvers.

This is the J frame CT grip from the model 36 on the pre-36, note now much shorter the frame of the pre-36 is:

Also, the roll pin on the pre-36 is not a roll pin it is integral to the frame and unremovable:

mesinge2 04-22-2011 03:22 PM

How do I review my sixes?

Well I have 6 of them (only have pics of four though, sorry).

IMHO, it is the best revolver ever offered by Ruger. I'll start a brief history on the Security Six. It was introduced in 1968, released in 1971, and in production between 1972-1988. I know that sounds confusing, well it is. That's because there were two major "frame types" released. The early model 150 prefix and below had a "square" butt with a duck's tail on the end of the frame; the idea was to control muzzle flip. The 4" blued model pictured above is a very early 150 prefix model, made in Jan, 19 1972. The end result was that the "duck's tail" stabbed hands upon recoil and it continues to stab my hand when shooting very heavy loads, but not as much as you would think. It takes me about 70 heavy loads before I start to get annoyed. In 1975 they brought out the stainless model. And in short order Ruger followed it with a giant warning message right on the barrel that ticks me off! My stainless 4" above wearing the Kindwood grips is a 151 prefix without the duck's tail but with this warning. But I digress. A rare model is the Stainless 2 3/4" Security Six without the warning message, also pictured above. It took me forever to find one in this condition, see not a scratch:

Many more of the shorter barrel models were made of the Speed six and Service Six variants, buts that another review :). The 6" model above is a recent purchase, I traded a superfluous 4" stainless model for it. For the record, I blame CA357 for this one. Kidding, nothing but love for ya CA357. Anyways, he said to keep and eye out for a 6" security six or a 6" GP100 with a half-lug, so I told my buddy at the shop to call if he got one. Then he bought a GP, and I found a 6" and now its mine.

Ooops, I hijacked my own thread!

Back to the profile... In 1988 Ruger broke my heart and discontinued the Sixes. The GP100 is a great gun and many people do not understand the differences between them and the Sixes; well, the differences between the Security Six and the GP100, are as follows: First, the Security Six has a full size grip frame compared to the GP100's "stub" grip frame. Also, the GP100 has a locking piece between the yoke and frame (instead of between the ejector rod and barrel) and a fixed (non-rotating) ejector rod. The reason for the change is more theoretical than real with the main advantage of the GP100 being the front lock-up being right at the front of the cylinder, instead of out on the end of the ejector rod, but that is a slight advantage. The real motivation was that the GP100 is less expensive to produce than the Sixes were. Futhermore, the full under-lug on the GP100 is there to reduce muzzle flip, some like it, others don't; I personally prefer the look of the half-lug for aesthetic reasons only. Other than that most differences are cosmetic, such as the barrel profile.

And this is why my beloved Security Six is no longer made....

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