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saviorslegacy 05-31-2010 04:25 AM

I want a good single action revolver in .357 magnum
Hey everyone, I was wanting some ideas on a good singl action in .357. I like the old look of the peace maker, but I do not want something that shoots 45LC. I also remember something about Ruger making a revolver that actually is safe to leave all chambers loaded. Is this bull or legit?

diggsbakes 05-31-2010 04:44 AM

So I take it you are really green to wheelies? Nothing to be ashamed of. IN MY OPINION ANY revolver is safe to carry, handle and store with all chambers loaded. I've kept my revolvers this way for 20 years, beginning with my beloved single-six.

The Ruger Blackhawk is an excellent choice for a SA revolver in .357. It has adjustable sights and can handle any load you feed it.

However, if this is your first revolver and .357 you may consider a Ruger GP100. It is comparable in price and can be used in single action or double action.

Smith and Wesson also makes several models of SA/DA revolvers that would make you giggle like a school girl every time you brought it outta the safe.

Happy hunting!

saviorslegacy 05-31-2010 04:59 AM

Maybe not realllllllly green, but I am green.

It will be my second wheel gun and I do not plan on buying for a while. I am just trying to learn about some single action revolvers that I do not know about. That way I can get a good undertanding of what each gun is going for. It helps to know as much as possible before going to a gun show.

GP100 is double action and thus the cylinder swings out. I prefer everything that a single action offers, including how you load and unload it. I also prefer the look of 1800's style revolvers. The GP100 is to..... modern looking.
The Blackhawk is pretty much what I want, but there is no garuntee that I will run across a Blackhawk.

Thank you for your reply though. I know almost nothing about Smith & Wesson. So if you wouldn't mind telling me your opinion on their good .357 single actions I would appreciate it.

RadioActiV 05-31-2010 05:31 AM

You could pick a colt SAA .357 ca.1960's to 1980's up for around 1500 to 2000 maybe a little more or less. IMHO those are the ones to have next to a Ruger.

diggsbakes 05-31-2010 05:37 AM

Well if you're really dead set on a single action, then forget a Smith. They have made superb DA/SA revolvers for the last century and they are simply beautiful, but as far a a new single action only revolver, the Ruger Blackhawk or Vaquero is the way to go. Blackhawk has adjustable sights, while Vaquero is fixed.

Are you interested in cowboy action shooting? Just wondering why you're dead set on a SA revolver.

CA357 05-31-2010 05:38 AM

The Ruger Blackhawk is a very fairly priced single action revolver and as stout as a bank vault. The Blackhawk has adjustable sights. If you want even more of an old time Western look, check out the Ruger Vaquero.

The Vaquero is essentially a Blackhawk, but with fixed sights.

I have owned both and can attest to their strength, durability and reliability. They are also great fun to shoot. :cool:

saviorslegacy 05-31-2010 03:28 PM

I am set on SA because that is my prefrence. I also like the rugedness of a SA. TLC and they shouldn't ever break on you.
I probably will attempt some of the famous cowboy trick shots though.

stalkingbear 05-31-2010 07:55 PM

Between the 2 (Blackhawk & Vaquero), I'd recommend the Blackhawk because of it's fully adjustable rear sight. I have the utmost confidence in Blackhawks. If you can afford it however, the Freedom Arms are the ultimate in SA revolvers.

ninjatoth 05-31-2010 08:46 PM

YES-you can load the cylinder all the way up without accidental discharge on newer single action revolvers like Rugers.The new single action's are made just like a double action now days.There is something called a transfer bar that raises up between the hammer and firing pin when the trigger is pulled fully to the rear so the hammer hits the transfer bar and then the transfer bar hits the firing pin,and without the transfer bar up,there is no way the hammer can contact the firing pin because the gap is too big without the transfer bar,so essentially the only way the gun can be set off is by having the trigger fully pulled back-it shouldn't go off by just dropping it.The older single action revolvers had no transfer bar-they simply used a direct hammer to firing pin design,so dropping the gun could knock the hammer into the firing pin and then you had a bad day.

diggsbakes 05-31-2010 09:08 PM

If you do decide on a new Blackhawk (which I'd recommend) or New Vaquero, I have a set of custom made Walnut w/ bone cap, over-sized grips that I'll give you a smokin' deal on.

The stock grips for the Blackhawk are terribly uncomfortable and after market over-sized and finger grooved hasn't quite caught up to consumers yet. However, there are a few smaller makers that produce great work in over-sized and even finger-grooved. The finger-grooved will run you more, but are great to shoot with.

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