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I am having a hard time finding the perfect single action six gun

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"The old Vaquero will but it's basically a Blackhawk with fixed sights. The new Vaq wont handle anything any hotter than a Colt SAA or a clone will."

Wow, I had that backwards haha! For some reason, I can't seem to remember why, but I thought I heard that the old Vaquero could only handle factory loads, and the new one was the one with the stronger frame that could handle any hand loads that you throw at it. That is disappointing that they decided to go backwards on this design, it is always nice to have options about what bullets you can use.

"The new Vaq kinda resembles a Colt but it has that screwed up Ruger lock work. No four clicks when you cock it and there's no half cock loading notch. With the hammer down opening the loading gate lets the cylinder free wheel."

I like the way the SAA works. It may be outdated, but it does give the weapon character. Most modern revolvers have adjustable sights, some sort of safety bar to safely carry 6 bullets or how many bullets your cylinder can hold, double action trigger pull, and an easy thumb release with an arm that leans out of the side of the gun for quick loading and reloading.

Before I go any farther, I will say that I love technology, and it is impressive to me to see that a lot of the gun manufacturers have set a standard to make high quality products, but aside from slightly different aesthetics, most of these firearm manufacturers offer the same features as the next. I just don't see a big variety of options even though we have a huge variety of manufacturers, and that to me is why the SAA really sticks out, because it is different than the common firearms that we have today, and it is a design that has proven to work for over 100 years and similar to the Colt 1911 because it too has been around for 100 years. But no more chat about that though, because it isn't a six gun.

I don't know how true this is, but to me it seems that Ruger added in the additional clicks (I heard it has 3 clicks) just to mimic the original SAA, and to me that sounds like a useless feature considering that it doesn't have an actual function because you don't have to load and reload at half cock like the original Colt.

"You're not going to find anything in the size and style of a Colt SAA that will take hot .45 Colt loads."

When I first learned of the Colt SAA, I didn't think about the limited bullet selection and not too long ago I recently learned that Colt offers the SAA in .357mag. I would prefer to stick to either .45LC or .44SP, or whichever is more authentic to original SAA, but am willing to part ways with that for the .357 mag for a few reasons. I heard that both the .45LC and .44SP can be both expensive and hard to find, combine that with the fact that the Colt SAA can't fire hot loads without too much stress that can and will damage the firearm. I read online on some forum that the .357mag chambered SAA can fire anything you throw at it because of the extra cylinder thickness that can't be found on the .44SP and the .45LC cylinders making the 357mag to be a better choice because of the number of different bullets that can be used with it. This was when I became disappointed when I saw that USFA didn't offer their SAA in .357mag.

"Once you get your hands on a USFA SAA, nothing else (short of an old, original Colt) will suffice. Just do it."

I am pretty sure that I said this in my first post. I love the SAA and USFA version, but I couldn't decide which was a better cartridge between the .45LC or .44SP.

If I only use factory rounds, I believe the .44SP will have slightly less recoil than the .45LC, but it would also mean that the cylinder walls are thicker than that of the .45LC, so in theory the .44SP cylinder is stronger than the .45LC cylinder which would give me more leeway if and when I learn the ways of hand loading.

If you follow this logic, the logic points at the .357 for the strongest cylinder and safest option when it comes time to hand load. But of course this is all speculation to me as I have no experience with this, I have only fired one single action six gun chambered in .45LC and never fired a .44SP. The only thing I read was that the recoil with both the .45LC and .44SP are so similar that people often can't tell the difference between the two.

Now that I think back on it, I don't remember what single action six gun I fired, all I know is that it wasn't a Colt.
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Uberti make some pretty nice SA's...if ya dont mind buying a used one in very good condition...i had a chance to buy one in .44mag callahan off for the sum of 250bucks...but purchased a hakim 8mm instead...its hard to beat them Ruger SA's
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I went with Uberti because I don't like the Ruger action and I can't afford a Colt. The Uberti is true to the original Colt design with four clicks, half cock loading and a hammer mounted firing pin. It just doesn't have a pony on it. I also went with 44-40 for the originality of it and I went with a Rossi 92 Winchester for the same reason and so I could have both in the same caliber and be historically correct.

I am having a hard time finding the perfect single action six gun - Revolver Handguns

Yeah, yeah, I know the grips aren't historically correct.
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i will also stand behind ruger for a revolver!
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