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AndyB 08-04-2011 08:59 PM

Handgun for the lady!
Looking for any suggestions on purchasing a revolver, preferably a .22 magnum, with an easy or soft action for my wife. I did purchase a Taurus 941 .22 mag., but the action is so tight she can hardly operate it in single or d/a. Searched the Taurus forum and did get some suggestions on modifying the hammer spring. Lots of complaints about this firearm, and Taurus does not offer any lighter springs. Did order a 9# hammer spring from Wolff and then was told it would not work on the 941 (not enough power). Never did install it, but may give it a shot if I can't find another firearm. Will keep the 941 for myself, or whatever. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy B.

Firearms4ever 08-04-2011 09:09 PM

If you don't mind going with a Single Action only firearm then I recommend the Ruger Single Six Convertable. It comes with a .22 LR cylinder and a .22 Magnum cylinder.

Glasshartt 08-04-2011 09:39 PM

What is she going to use it for, target or self defense. If self defense, the only thing a .22 will do is piss off the bad guy and get her killed. You need to go with a larger caliber.

Gatoragn 08-04-2011 11:05 PM

At the very least get her a S&W J frame Airweight 38 spl.

Rick1967 08-04-2011 11:15 PM

My wife carries a 22 mag J Frame airweight. Say what you want. But she has athritis in her thumb. I would rather her defend herself with a 22 mag that she is proficient with than a 38 she is afraid to shoot.

ninjatoth 08-05-2011 12:23 AM

some of them .22 cal revolvers that hold 8 or 9 rounds are going to be kind of tough to shoot,I had a Taurus 94 once and I remember it being alot harder to double action shoot it than your average centerfire revolver,if it were me,I'd look into a .327 magnum and get her shooting some .32 longs through it and eventually increase her to .32H&R mags in it,that would be soft shooting.

Lindenwood 08-05-2011 03:29 AM

I'd go with a .38sp for several reasons:

1) .22mag is not much cheaper than .38sp, and you can reload .38sp practice ammo for about half as much as .22mag will cost you off the shelf (if you reload).

2) .22mag is actually surprisingly loud out of a short handgun.

3) There are really light .38sp loads that will still be more terminally effective than any .22mag snubby, but will also be quieter and not have much more recoil.

4) Probably most importantly, as mentioned, rimfire revolvers have notoriously stiff hammer springs, making them difficult to shoot. If she can't hit anything and has to flex her trigger finger after every 4 shots, she's going to hate shooting it.

If this is her first gun, though, I'd honestly try to let her shoot whatever she wants. I find a consistent favorite with the ladies to be my P22. Yeah, it isn't supremely reliable, and is only chambered in .22lr, but if it's the only thing she might like enough to actually want to go back to the range to shoot, then that is your best choice.

rigjumpr 08-05-2011 03:58 AM

As a rule, when this is brought up during my classes. I tell them I don’t pick out my wife’s shoes because SHE will be wearing them same with the firearm, Let you wife choose her own. And of course this is just my view on the subject.

winds-of-change 08-06-2011 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by olafhardt (Post 556971)
I've shot a lot of free running dogs and a few pigs with 22's. They don't usually drop dead but they have always seemed to change their mind about what they were doing. More than one dedicated poacher has told me that you can kill any thing with a 22. These macho types that poo poo the 22 LR may have no experience with it agianst living targets.

Am I the only one who finds this post disturbing?

TekGreg 08-06-2011 06:53 AM

I had a friend who was a writer who had a very frail wife who liked semi-autos but was too weak to pull the slide back to chamber the first round. They solved it by going to the Beretta Bobcat, a .22 that can load it's first shot by means of a tip up barrel - no strength required for this auto except trigger pull and magazine insertion. Hammer is closer than a revolver and much easier to retract than a revolver with only a light sear spring to set and every shot is single action after that! unlike a revolver where the hammer has to reset the trigger, set the sear linkage and rotate the cylinder - that's a lot of work for an arthritic thumb!

Currently one is listed on for under $200 (NOT my listing!) so I thought you might like the alternative. My writer friend's wife likes the fact that she can practice with it and isn't scared of the recoil. Also, it was her opinion that revolvers overall had too heavy of a trigger pull.

You know what they say - better a gun that you'll carry and actually use than a big monster that stays in the nightstand. I hope this helps you and your wife

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