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Franciscomv 09-24-2009 12:15 AM

Disappointed with my Taurus Judge
First of all, I don't want this to turn into a Taurus bashing thread. There are lots of people out there with Taurus revolvers that work just fine, any company can slip up every once in a while. Sadly, Taurus warranty and customer service are non existent in Argentina.

I've had my Judge (stainless, 4" barrell) for a few weeks, but I hadn't really been able to test it. I tried some .410 ammo, and only a cylinder or two of .45 since I couldn't get my hands on any ammo and had no time to hit the range.

Anyway, I went shooting today and took it along. I was well stocked with a couple of boxes of .45 LC (Magtech Cowboy Action and regular Magtech) and .410 (a box of #3 shot and a box of buckshot).

I started with the cowboy loads and the target at five meters, shooting quickly in DA I got some decent groups. The sights were easy to pick up and with those mild loads recoil was non existent.

I moved the target back to the ten meter line, and the groups open up a lot. At first I thought it could be me, I get excited when the shooting's going well and I screw up. However, even though I'm very much an average shooter, double action revolvers are what I handle best and even on my worst days I'm pretty consistent. I tried firing single action and the groups were still far from acceptable.

To make matters worse, the cylinder started to jam. I'd get one shot off, and then it would stick and stop turning. This was really frustrating, just thinking about this happening in a self defense situation made me shiver. This happened after firing less than 40 shots of mild cowboy action loads.

I didn't even bother trying to fire it at 15 meters. After I'm done cleaning it up I'm going to take it back to the guns store and either sell it or exchange it for something else. I've been meaning to expand my snubbie collection, this might be a good chance for a new Smith or Ruger. Or perhaps one of those cute little NAA mini revolvers.

CA357 09-24-2009 12:28 AM

That sucks. However, a new revolver will probably make you feel better. :cool:

NGIB 09-24-2009 12:40 AM

Sorry to hear but I'm not surprised. Taurus QC is a crap shoot and a lot of lemons get through - I've had more than one. They do make good guns but I prefer not to roll the dice in hopes I get a good one...

Jo da Plumbr 09-24-2009 12:53 AM

That sucks bro.

Hope you get somthing that works better.

gadrooning 09-24-2009 01:30 AM

Sorry to hear that, but I can sympathize. I did the exact same thing with my judge. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Good luck on the next purchase.

dunerunner 09-24-2009 01:36 AM

I know the feeling. I will pray to the gun God on your behalf. I'm saddened Taurus has gone this way in their production. Good Luck and keep us posted!!

rifleman1 09-24-2009 03:13 AM

you cant get a judge in california from what im told, so i'll never get to try one.

Franciscomv 09-24-2009 05:32 AM

The frame cracked. There's a fracture that starts right under the forcing cone. Now I'm pissed off.

I fired less than a box of freaking cowboy action loads! Thank God I didn't try any stronger stuff. I'm taking it to the gun shop tomorrow.

No more Taurus products for me, thank you very much. Innacurate is one thing, but this is too much.

I'm sorry about the bad pic. It's a difficult angle, my camera is quite crappy and it's 2:30am. I drew a red line around the fracture.

spittinfire 09-24-2009 11:32 AM

Man that sucks! I've had mixed luck with Taurus fire arms but I've never had a cracked frame.

Franciscomv 09-24-2009 05:17 PM

I just took it to the gun shop, they assured me that I would either get a new gun or my money back. It will probably take a few days to hear back from the Taurus importer, but I've been buying from this shop for a while, and one of my best friends works there, so their word is enough to put my mind at ease.

If the Taurus distributor sends a new Judge, I'm going to put it up for sale without even opening the bloody box.

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