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I can shoot a 1911 better........but for me its no contest on the fun factor.Shooting DA revolvers wins hands-down,no comparison.

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Originally Posted by MobileMarine View Post
Wheels guns are a blast , specially when they start shaving lead off and splattering everyone .
They are not that bad , the 22 versions can be a pain if you have fat fingers like me , grab a handfull b/c youll drop half trying to load

My wheels are
ruger security six 357
Spainsh knock off of a K-frame in a .32wcf
colt police positive , 1st issue in .38 s&w '' 38 short ''
S&W 4in in a .38
iver johnson owl head in 32 long
S&W K-frame 22 6 in
H&K 949 .22 X2 matching pair '' i hate them
Colt navy replica
H&R sportsman .22 / hate this one too
S&W 8in in .44
S&W snub 357 ' big barker ''!
ruger black hawk
taurass ultra light crimson .38

beretta 92 stainless
taurass 92 blued x2
taurass pt 111 limited
S&W sigma
I like shooting revolvers because of the less reload time in a fire fight ya changeing mags would be quicker but at the range i can load my H&R sportmans which has nine shots quicker then puttin 15 into my mag. The sportsman is the only one i got at the moment it was my grandfathers. Don't mind it too much but after 90 rounds or so starts to get hard to put rounds in bringin a bore brush with me next time.
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Originally Posted by Bob Wright View Post
As to carry, here's my "American Express" (never leave home without it):

And, what it can do, and plenty fast:

Good enough for me!

Bob Wright
What kind of holster is that? I gotta get one.

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Originally Posted by Durangokid View Post
I own and shoot revolvers and have for over 50 years. But to say they can not hang up is just wrong. The cylinders can bind on the center rod and not turn. The hand can over travel or the cylinder latch can fail. Bullets can shift forward and jam the rotation. Cases can stick in the multichamber cylinder and flat ass not eject the empty brass without a hammer. Ejector rods can come loose and disable the arm. Smith had so much trouble with ejector rods they changed the thread pitch a number of times. The floating safety or transfer bar can foul and cause the gun to misfire. They are made by humans not gods so they can fail.
Very true & very well put

Texan By Birth & Choice

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One of my swat / cc instructor told me he would rather have a hammerless wheel gun b/c in a scuffle the slide can get caught on clothing as can the hammer on both the wheel gun and semi .
Make sense to me ... maybe i should carry the old owl head iver lol

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Owning both revolvers and autos, it is not a simple choice. For edc the S&W 3" model 60 .357 in a Bianchi Shadow holster seems to usually end up on the hip. This is not just because it looks pretty, but it is accurate, its weight is close to my M&P 9, and when it comes to hand it seems to point really well; and equally important, it doesn't get in the way while I try to get some work done. Back home in Northern Minnesota or hunting in CO, there is either a 686 revolver or a 629 in a shoulder rig. They reach out and hit with authority and if it is deer season, I get to smile.
I really enjoy both revolvers and autos in .22 LR caliber.
As the amount of evil doers seems to increase (our sheriff was just in the local paper with concern about the increase in property related crimes), my thoughts do lean in the direction of the .45 and 9 mm autos. I will fess up to keeping the M&P 9 with Crimson Trace handy after dark. (The wife loves her S&W 60 w Crimson Trace.)
Rolling into that medicare age, I am in awe of all the fine handguns we are able to choose from.

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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
The revolver does not care what you feed it, from shot loads to mild wadcutter to JESUSCHRIST WHAT IS THAT THING ???
+1 What auto can shoot 20+ calibers...
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I think a lot of women like revolvers because they don't like the perceived "complexity" of an auto, and/or they don't have the strength to comfortably work the slide.

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Originally Posted by Ranger-6 View Post
Wheel guns don't jam; they don't misfeed; and they don't fail to eject.
Wheel guns are very reliable.

...x100....and you don't have to worry about fumbling with a safety or wonder if you've chambered a round when you drag that sucker out in an emergency. It's ready to go.

And not only can drop em off a cliff and they will still fire when you pull the trigger.

Mine's in the kitchen, cooking me dinner right now. So there.
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Deader Bears=Better Bears
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Originally Posted by 7point62 View Post
Mine's in the kitchen, cooking me dinner right now. So there.
LOL! Pics sir, pics.

Dead Bears, the only good kind.

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