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6shot 01-08-2011 10:23 AM

Charter Arms Undercover Age,Value & Quality ?
Just 'pulled the trigger " on my first cc pistol . It's a Charter Arms Undercover 38 spl ser# 86xxxx . I would appreciate any info as to the age, value and quality of handgun as it relates to other name brands out there. Many Thanks, 6shot

DrumJunkie 01-08-2011 12:24 PM

They sell around 300 - 350 new. But can be found under 300 if you look around. I have one...I love it as a carry gun but like when I weigh under 180 I like this revo feel puny. The one I have a surprisingly accurate at out to 25-35 yards. I do like it OK but am entertaining trade offers form a couple family members as we speak. I usually like my rounds to have a 4 in them.

colmustard 01-08-2011 02:53 PM

I know some one who has a 5 shot charter arms revolver, and they like it. A nice revovler for concelled carry and it shoots well. And its made in the USA so whats not to like.:D

canebrake 01-08-2011 03:18 PM

I think this quote sums up Charter Arms; "But if you are on a budget their guns will be on par with a Taurus."

Overkill0084 01-08-2011 04:05 PM

I have a late 80s Charter Undercover.
What it is not: It's not a fine example of the gunmaker's art. It is not particularly pretty.
What it is: It is reasonably accurate. Reliable. Easily concealable. Kinda homely.
I prefer it to the Taurus Ultralight .38 that I bought my wife. Even that little bit of steel vs. the alloy frame of the Taurus makes a difference in felt recoil. Are you ever going to have bragging rights over a Colt or S&W? No, but it will do the job if necessary.

paul 01-16-2011 12:03 PM

charter arms .38
I have two, undercover specials. They are both 5shot and definitely not rated for +p ammo. I bought one for $200.00 on GB in good condition, last week, the other was $189.00 30years ago NIB. Remember, no +p ammo. Enjoy, mine are very accurate too for fixed sights, 20yds, small tight pattern.

Glasshartt 01-16-2011 06:07 PM

The best thing I ever did with my Charter 2" was trade it in on a Lady Smith mod 60. It served it's purpose as an off-duty carry at the time, but was the worst gun purchase I ever made. Luckily, when I traded it, the shop didn't look at it too closely, or test fire it. The timing got off. Only fired during quals, probably didn't even have 500 rounds through it at the time.

paul 01-16-2011 06:35 PM

charter arms .38spl undercover
That's a dragg, 500rds and major problems. I don't like getting lemon guns and/or cars. I can see issues if the ammo was "too hot" but I don't believe that's an issue with someone who has experience with handguns. should "no better" than to use plus "P" in a firearm not rated for it, Lady Smith, yeah, my friend swears by 'em. I guess me, being one of those "if it works don't fix it", so my charter has done very well and dependable for many years now. It's had 5000rds through it without problems over 25years. I easy have shot 200 rds a year through it. 125 or 130gr round nose Federals, 950fps @ muzzle, 260lbs energy@muzzle, 920fps@25yds and 245lbs @25yds. I started reloading 5years ago so I have yet to get serious about reloading .38cal. Strictly .45acp and .223. Guns cost enough as it is, sure isn't good to hear about someone getting a bad firearm and/or deal.

diggsbakes 01-16-2011 08:22 PM

I've shot a Charter Arms .38 special snubbie that a friend owned and frequently took with us to the desert. This was in the early - mid 90's and it was fairly new, so I don't remember the model.

The gun shot really well and was accurate for a cheap snub nose, but the last time I saw my friend the (now former) owner I asked hm about it and was informed of it's failure and resulting dismissal.

I can't understand why folks don't just go ahead and spend an extra $100-$200 and invest in a Smith or Ruger. Then you'll have something for your kids to hand down to their kids. . . ;)

NGIB 01-16-2011 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by diggsbakes (Post 423449)
I can't understand why folks don't just go ahead and spend an extra $100-$200 and invest in a Smith or Ruger. Then you'll have something for your kids to hand down to their kids. . . ;)

Amen brother (add Colt & Dan Wesson to the list though)...

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